Wyze Introduces Its First Outdoor Camera

Dashia Starr
Updated Jul 20, 2020
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Wyze recently launched its first outdoor camera with some of the most popular security features at a fraction of the cost of other providers’ cameras. The DIY security provider is known for offering trendy camera features without contracts. The new outdoor camera release is one of Wyze’s next big steps in budget-friendly home surveillance.

How Does the Wyze Cam Outdoor Work?

If your camera senses movement, its PIR motion detector will automatically record 12-second clips and store them on the cloud for 14 days — free of charge. Wyze plans to include Complete Motion Capture Compatibility soon so you can record the entire motion-triggered event.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Tech & Specs

Wyze’s first outdoor camera has a lot of today’s basics, including night vision within 25 feet, 1080p HD video quality and IP65 weather-resistance to withstand heavy rain and outdoor conditions. Best of all: It’s wire-free and battery-powered using rechargeable batteries. The average charge lasts 3-6 months depending on your usage.


The Wyze Cam Outdoor also includes two-way audio to see and speak to guests using your smartphone and the camera’s speaker and microphone. It’s most helpful to tell the mail carrier where to leave your packages or to welcome guests when you’re not home.

You’ll be able to connect up to four Wyze outdoor cameras to the base station. Wyze makes it easy to see all camera clips and captured camera activity using their mobile app. Offline video recording is also available if you’d like to take your camera on the go. Wyze’s Travel Mode uses a micro-SD card to record activity without Wi-Fi or the base station.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle costs $49.99. It includes an outdoor camera and base station. Each additional camera costs $39.99 and is available for shipping in August.

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