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WHOOP Wearable Can Help Detect Coronavirus Before Symptoms Appear

Dashia Starr
Updated Aug 10, 2020
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WHOOP’s bracelet is helping detect positive Coronavirus cases sooner to help stop the spread amid the pandemic.

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic continues, sports, families and others are looking for ways to get their lives back to normal while staying healthy and safe. Health technology is booming with new inventions to help detect Coronavirus symptoms earlier to continue to flatten the curve and stop the spread. WHOOP is one of many providers leveraging their research to create a wearable that detects symptoms up to two days before they appear. 

A study conducted by CQUniversity researchers in Australia helped determine that one of the leading signs of Coronavirus is the change in your body’s respiratory rate. The research data led to the creation of the bracelet that helps identify people that could have the virus, be tested and self-isolate. Researchers also found that a higher respiratory rate is less common with other illnesses such as the flu or allergies.  

All About the WHOOP Strap 3.0

According to Whoop’s website, their bracelet has been able to identify “80% of symptomatic COVID-19 cases simply from examining changes in respiratory rate from each member’s personal baseline.” And their latest algorithm shows that 20% of cases show a detectable change in respiratory rate before other symptoms appear.

The WHOOP Strap 3.0 is made with a sweat-absorbent band and rubber grip for a comfortable, secure fit, even during high-performance activities. Their wearable has built-in technology to measure your heart rate 24/7 and it’s equipped with five-day battery life. 

Their wearable pairs with the Whoop mobile app to include a few extra features including sleep recommendations based on your sleep cycles and insights. The app also includes a strain coach to alert you when you’re pushing yourself too hard physically or if you have reached your goal. 

WHOOP’s mobile app also includes a journal to help users report their own symptoms easily. It also includes questions including air travel, shared bed and other questions that could result in a positive Coronavirus test. The journal also lets users track their infection and recovery if they test positive.  

The app also tracks your body’s respiratory rate. WHOOP’s wearable measures this during your sleep to find the median. WHOOP found that an increased respiratory rate during sleep could be troublesome because our rates typically vary during the day based on our activity, which doesn’t present the most accurate data related to COVID-19. 

Considering WHOOP and Other Wearables for the Pros

As more professional athletes get back into their ports, they’re relying on wearables like WHOOP to keep players and staff safe. WHOOP is an official fitness wearable partner for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). Their wearable is offered to all players, caddies and staff to help identify Coronavirus symptoms earlier and keep players healthy. It will also be offered to the Ladies European Tour (LET). It’s likely that more fall sports will consider the same. 

WHOOP’s six-month membership costs $30 per month and requires $100 to get started. The cheapest monthly plan is $18 per month for 18 months and requires $324 to begin. The WHOOP Strap 3.0 is included in the cost. 

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