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Check out the special features and perks you can get when protecting your home with Vivint.
Updated Feb 10, 2021

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Vivint is a top home security provider known for its innovative smart home technology. Home security costs can add up quickly, and most providers like Vivint are constantly running promotions to help give customers a discount.

Vivint’s pricing structure involves purchasing equipment up front, followed by monthly payments for 24/7 professional monitoring service. The initial equipment investment is $599 or greater and monitoring service starts at $38.99/mo.

Vivint Specials & Deals

Security providers typically offer a number of deals and discounts. There are some promotions that run throughout the year, while others are for a limited time only. You should always check the provider's website for their latest advertised deals.

  • Pro tip: If you're interested in Vivint's suite of products and services, call and talk to an agent. It's the best way to inquire about current discounts and promotions.

Free Quote and Consultation

Vivint Smart Home offers a free quote and consultation to help you decide if Vivint is the right choice for you. This is one of the best ways you can ask questions and get help from Vivint so you can feel confident in your purchase decision.

Military Discounts

Vivint works to help military members stay connected to their families through smart, wireless technology. In addition to developing technology that will better suit military families, Vivint is committed to providing special discounts and contract exceptions to deployed members of the military. Make sure you call Vivint and inquire about military discounts if you or your family member are deployed.

Big Orange Sales

Keep an eye out for Vivint's "Big Orange Sale" alerts. That's usually how we see the provider post its seasonal and limited time offers on its website. You might be able to save on installation fees, equipment purchases and more.

Vivint Referral Program

Vivint customers can share their personal referral code with family and friends shopping for Vivint home automation and security. After your loved ones have had the system installed for 15 days they’ll get a free video doorbell, and you’ll get a free video doorbell.

Vivint Homeowner’s Insurance Discount

Check with your home insurance provider if you have a Vivint security system. You could get up to 20 percent off your policy. Just download your proof of installation from your Vivint account and give it to your insurance agent.

Secure your home with Vivint Security.

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