Vivint Home Security Review

Vivint is known for its innovative and modern-styled home security systems.

An Overview of Vivint Home Security Services

Vivint has been in the home security industry for more than 20 years and differentiates itself from others with advanced home automation features and modern-styled equipment. Some highlights of the provider’s services include remote access by mobile app, home automation products and live video surveillance.


Vivint: Our Recommended Pick for Innovative Features

Vivint has innovative home security solutions as well as smart home features that make the company stand out among other competitors. We go into our Vivint security review of six categories: price, stand-out features, equipment, installation and trial period.

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6 out of 10


  • Professional monitoring costs between $29.99/mo. and $39.99/mo., about average compared to other providers

Vivint equipment is more on the expensive end compared to other providers. One thing to note, however, is that the provider gives customers the option to finance their security packages through the Vivint Flex Pay program.


Prices for Vivint’s professional monitoring range from $29.99/mo. to $39.99/mo. depending on the plan you choose, and these prices are about average compared to other providers. You choose between 2 professional monitoring plans: The Smart Security Service Plan and the Smart Home Service Plan.


For security system packages, you can choose from multiple options and build out your package to include intrusion protection, smart home capability or both.

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Standout Features

10 out of 10


  • Manage your security system and smart devices using the SkyControl Smart Hub
  • Get weather alerts to help keep your family safe through the SkyControl Panel
  • Access live video surveillance with the Video Monitoring Plan

Vivint has a number of stand-out features and innovative equipment. In addition to mobile app access, you can also manage your security system and smart devices through the SkyControl Smart Hub. If your security system package or monitoring plan comes with smart home devices like the Nest Learning Thermostat, Kwikset Smart Lock, Smart Garage Controller or others, then you can easily control them through your smart hub.


If your package or monitoring plan doesn’t include smart devices but you have a compatible Amazon device, you can link your Amazon device to the SkyControl Smart Hub. By linking this device, you’ll be able to arm your security system using voice control.


Another perk of the Vivint SkyControl Smart Hub is the ability to receive weather alerts. If there is a severe weather alert for your area, you’ll get notifications to help keep you and your family updated so you can stay safe. This is a feature that’s especially good for those who live in tornado or hurricane-prone areas.

Last but not least, we want to highlight that Vivint also provides live video surveillance through the Video Monitoring Plan, which costs $10.00/mo. If you get the Ping Camera and/or the Outdoor Camera with the Video Monitoring Plan, you can access a live video feed through your phone, customize recording settings and capture motion-activated video clips.

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10 out of 10


  • Get environmental monitoring for carbon monoxide, fires, floods and freezing
  • In addition to your home, protect your vehicle with the Vivint Car Guard

With Vivint, you can also get environmental monitoring devices for carbon monoxide, fires, floods and freezing. The Vivint CO Detector is designed for fast detection of carbon monoxide in the home and will monitor CO levels within 35 feet. Vivint also provides a smoke detector as well as a flood, freeze and heat sensor. If you purchase the Smart Security Service professional monitoring plan, you’ll get access to each of these devices.


The Vivint Car Guard, a newer device from the provider, is designed to monitor your vehicle’s location, security and diagnostics. This feature is great if you park outside of your home or have to park far away from your workplace or destination. The Car Guard is installed in the standard on-board diagnostics port of most vehicles and includes GPS tracking so you can easily find your vehicle and even loved ones. For security, if your car is bumped or even stolen, you’ll receive a notification. And lastly, you’ll be able to monitor your car’s diagnostics as this device will remind you when your car is ready to be serviced or has a mechanical issue. You can really benefit from the Car Guard feature if you want to keep tabs on your vehicle.

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10 out of 10


  • Vivint provides professional installation for your home security system

Vivint Smart Home professionals will help ensure that your security system is properly installed so you can avoid mistakes and get started using your system. The installation fee varies but is typically around $50. One perk to Vivint’s service is that activation is free, so you don’t have to pay to get started using your system.


With a professional installation, you’ll be able to ask your service technician questions regarding your system and can gain insight on the security needs of your home. We highly recommend this type of installation for customers who do not feel comfortable with navigating technology. But, if you’re on the other side of the fence and would like to install your own system, we recommend choosing a DIY security solution.

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Trial Period

6 out of 10


  • Vivint has a 30-day refund period
  • The provider also has a Premium Service warranty and regular warranty period of 120 days

Vivint has a refund period of 30 days for customers to try out their security systems and determine if it is a great fit for them. Compared to other providers, this period is on the shorter end.


Vivint also has a Premium Warranty service that you can opt into, or you could use the regular warranty period. With the Premium Service warranty, Vivint will repair and replace your equipment for up to 120 days at no charge. If you do not opt for the Premium Service warranty, Vivint will still repair and replace your equipment at no charge, but you’ll have to pay a service fee plus taxes.


While checking Vivint reviews, we found that there is a complex process when cancelling your service with Vivint. Customers will have to make sure that they are satisfied and want to continue using their Vivint services within the first 30 days to take advantage of the refund period.

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How We Based Our Provider Ratings

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