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Updated May 27, 2021

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What Makes Vivint Unique?

Vivint is a home security provider recognized for its innovative security technology and award-winning customer service. This security provider is determined on redefining the home security experience with intelligent products. Vivint offers customers an integrated smart home security system with in-home consultation and professional installation. Vivint’s security systems are under 24/7 monitoring and offered around the clock customer care. Serving over 1 million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada, Vivint is one of the leading security providers in the industry.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

High-tech and sleek, Vivint’s camera doorbell features two-way talk, one-way video capability, a 180-degree lens,and HD resolution. You won’t have to worry about making an educated guess about who or what is outside your door. Sensing features such as Smart Visitor Detection, night vision, DVR playback, and a smartphone compatible app, keep you informed 24/7 about what’s going on outside your front door, all from the convenience of your handheld device.  

Vivint Ping Indoor Camera

Vivint Ping Camera

The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera allows you to keep tabs on children, pets and guests while you’re not home and provides motion-activated protection at night. The camera also connects to the Vivint Smart Home app on your phone or other mobile device, creating direct video-chat capability between you and your loved ones from. Additionally, the one-touch call out feature also gives your family a way to reach you in the event of an emergency. 

Vivint Indoor Camera Video Review

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Vivint Outdoor Pro Camera

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro offers  smart, 24/7 exterior security for your home with a 140-degree field of view. You can view a live feed of everything happening outside your home from halfway across the world, save footage to view later for up to 30 days, and even automatically send alerts to anyone lurking around your home with the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro to discourage any further problems. 

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What Are Some of the Features of Vivint Cameras?

  • Two-Way Talk

    Built-in two-way talk allows you to answer the door even when you’re not home or check in and remind your kids to get ready for soccer practice. Another benefit of the two-way talk feature is that you can warn lurkers or intruders that they’ve been caught on camera..

  • Smart Motion Detection

    Whether you’re interested in finding out who’s stopping by so late or making sure your children aren’t up and roaming the house at night, Smart motion technology will let you know. If an unwelcome guest is in your home and enters Ping’s field of view, smart motion detects them.

  • Night Vision

    All Vivint cameras come with night vision, giving you the ability to view crystal clear footage of who or what is outside your home and activity in your home.

  • Vivint Playback™

    With Vivint Playback, you’ll be able to review recorded footage for up to 4 Vivint cameras within 30 days. No more guesswork in trying to determine events⁠—you’ll be able to easily see what happened and who or what was involved.

  • Customized Mobile Notifications

    Vivint Camera Doorbell and Vivint Outdoor Camera can work in tandem to notify you when someone approaches your door, enter a specified “surveillance zone” or are simply loitering too close to your home. The Indoor Ping Camera can be set up for notifications about activity in your home, helping to make it so you never miss important moments.

  • Smartphone App

    Feel confident about the safety of your home and the people in it when you’re there and when you’re not because you can see everything that goes on, talk to those inside, and even answer the door directly from your smartphone.

What Vivint Packages Feature Security Cameras?

Smart Security Service

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Smart Home Service

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SkyControl panel
Motion sensors
Doorbell camera
Vivint outdoor camera
Ping indoor camera
Element thermostat
Kwikset smart lock
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Pro. monitoring starts at

What Are the Overall Benefits of Owning a Security Camera?

Security cameras have a multitude of benefits. Keeping your home safe and deterring unwanted visitors is the primary benefit of any security camera, yet the value of this type of security system doesn’t end here. Home security cameras enable you to monitor your kids, make sure your teens are following the rules, and keep an eye on furry friends. For those with elderly loved ones at home, security cameras can also serve as safety monitoring devices. In some cases, you may also be able to get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance for owning a security system. Overall, a security camera will allow you to stay connected to home while you’re away.

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