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Vivint Home Security

Protect your home and family with Vivint’s innovative home security solutions.
Updated Mar 2, 2021

Vivint Home Overview

Many homeowners have a hard time deciding between Vivint and ADT. We love Vivint for its wide variety of innovative smart home and security solutions. The company offers 24/7 professional monitoring and installation for your comfort and peace of mind. Each package comes with security must-haves, including sensors, motion detection and a touchscreen control panel that doubles as a smart hub. 

But Vivint is best known for its smart cameras with Vivint Smart Drive to store all clips and continuous video recording. The company also works with popular smart home products such as the Nest Thermostat, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Vivint has many smart home and security features that make it a popular choice nationwide.


  • FlexPay to finance your equipment
  • Continuous video recording with Vivint Smart Drive
  • Control panel doubles as a smart hub


  • Expensive packages and service fees without FlexPay
  • Long contract agreements
  • No money-back guarantee

Vivint: Top Choice for Smart Homes

If you love the control and convenience of home automation, Vivint’s the best choice for you. You’ll have smart security and automation together with full control using your voice assistant, Vivint mobile app and touchscreen control panel that doubles as a smart hub.

Most of Vivint’s equipment is wireless, but professional installation gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is set up correctly. You’ll also have 24/7 professional monitoring for Vivint to respond to an emergency at any time.
Safety Score


Vivint’s equipment and features help prevent break-ins and will notify you the moment there’s a water leak, fire or carbon monoxide detection. There are a few must-have Vivint devices to consider adding to your system, including the Ping Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera Pro to get motion-triggered alerts, speak to guests using two-way audio and see live activity. The outdoor camera also is equipped with Smart Sentry™ to detect human activity and prevent false alarms.

Vivint also offers environmental monitoring equipment to help prevent costly damage to your home. The equipment lineup includes a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and water sensor. The Vivint smoke detector will turn off airflow to prevent the fire from spreading. If your carbon monoxide detector notices a rise in CO levels, your Vivint monitoring specialists will be notified immediately. And any time your equipment’s sensors are triggered, you’ll get a mobile alert to keep your home and family safe from harm. 


Vivint’s control panel doubles as a smart hub to control all of your security and smart home devices in one place. You’ll be able to disarm your system, see live camera footage, control your smart thermostat and more from just one device. The smart hub also lets you wirelessly connect other devices using the panel. 

Vivint’s mobile app also gives you full control of your equipment and keeps you in the know with motion-triggered alerts if your sensors are triggered. You’ll be able to see live camera activity and speak to guests using two-way audio. The app also lets you create custom routines to disarm your system, turn on the lights and more from your smartphone for convenient control.  


Vivint’s equipment is durable and backed with a reliable professional monitoring service. Customers also get a 120-day warranty service plan to cover any repairs or replacements. After the warranty period is over, Vivint will still fix defective equipment based on your contract. However, Vivint doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee or theft protection guarantee to promise customer satisfaction. 

On the bright side, Vivint wants to make sure your system is always working correctly, even during a power outage. The control panel has a 24-hour battery backup and products include cellular connectivity. Vivint works best on WiFi, so some features such as video recording and live streaming may not be available during a power outage. 


Vivint requires professional monitoring, but you’ll get peace of mind knowing that monitoring agents are always ready to respond if there’s an emergency. Suppose your sensors are triggered or you press your panel’s panic button. In that case, Vivint monitoring specialists will respond in three seconds, which is lightning speed compared to the industry average of 30 seconds. Professional monitoring is required and starts at $29.99 per month. 

Best of all, if a sensor is triggered, you’ll receive a mobile alert to determine whether it’s a false alarm or whether you need help immediately. And Vivint’s cameras also give you the power to respond or let intruders know you’re watching with the two-way audio feature to hear and see guests using Vivint’s mobile app. Vivint’s cameras also support their new Smart Drive for continuous video recording (CVR) and to share saved clips with emergency responders.

Vivint Home Security Packages, Pricing and Features


Smart Home Service

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Smart Security Service

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Monitoring price starts at
Motion Detection
Home environmental monitoring
Security cameras
Smart home devices
Video monitoring option

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Vivint Installation

Vivint installation starts at a one-time fee of $49.99. Setup could cost more depending on the equipment you choose. Each Vivint system is professionally installed by certified Vivint SmartHomePros™. Technicians will schedule a 1-on-1 consultation to help you determine your equipment based on your home security needs. On average, it takes about 3-4 hours for Vivint technicians to install your equipment.

Once you schedule an appointment, Vivint will confirm your date and time, and send a reminder. However, if you need to reschedule your appointment you’ll need to do so 24 hours in advance. The person listed on the Vivint contract will need to be present during installation.

Vivint’s installation process consists of:

  • A pre-visit phone call to answer any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19. 
  • Before their arrival, your Smart Home Installation Pro will do an installation check to make sure all equipment needed is available. An hour or so before they arrive, they will text or call to let you know when they will arrive.
  • Technicians will go over your equipment with you, do a walk-thru of your home and discuss appropriate product placement in your home with you.
  • The installation process will take roughly three hours. During that time, your Smart Home Pro will install the products and run tests to make sure everything is in working order.
  • Once the installation is finished, your technician will walk you through your newly installed and working equipment.

Vivint Equipment

  • Vivint Home Security SkyControl panel

    Vivint SkyControl Panel

    As the hub of your security system, the Vivint SkyControl Panel features a touchscreen interface and allows you to manage your security system as well as any Vivint smart home products. With this panel, you’ll also receive weather alerts, keeping you informed of the forecast.

  • Vivint Home Security doorbell camera

    Vivint Doorbell Camera

    Find out who’s stopping by with the Vivint doorbell camera. Even if a visitor doesn’t knock, you’ll receive a notification on the accompanying smartphone app. Since the doorbell is equipped with two-way communication, you can answer your door no matter your location.

  • Vivint Home Security Ping Camera

    Vivint Ping Camera (Indoor)

    Check in on the kids or your pets with the VIvint Ping Camera. This indoor camera is built with a push feature that allows anyone at home to contact you. Designed with clear HD video and night vision, you’ll be able to see clearly even in low lighting and review footage for up to 30 days.

  • Vivint Home Security Element Thermostat

    Vivint Element Thermostat

    Get comfortable with the Vivint Element Thermostat that’s designed to manage your home climate for you. You can set the temperature from the Vivint Smart Home app and even ask Alexa to adjust the temperature.

  • Vivint Home Security Outdoor Pro Camera

    Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

    The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is designed with a 140° field of view with 1080p HD video. Designed with artificial intelligence technology, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can detect and let lurkers know they’ve been spotted on your property. The camera has an LED light and warning tone with an 85 dB speaker which can help deter ill-intended visitors. You’ll also be able to see clearly with 1080p HD video and night vision.

Vivint Smart Security Service

  • Starter Kit - $599.99
  • Vivint Smart Sensor - $50.00
  • Vivint Motion Sensor - $100.00
  • Recessed Door Sensor - $50.00
  • Glass Break Detector - $100.00
  • Smoke Detector - $100.00
  • CO Detector - $100.00
  • FireFighter - $100.00
  • Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor - $50.00
  • Panic Pendant - $50.00

Vivint Smart Home Service

  • Kwikset Smart Lock - $179.99
  • Garage Door Controller - $99.99
  • Element Thermostat - $169.00
  • Nest Learning Thermostat - $249.00
  • Lamp Module - $50.00
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera - $249.99
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera - $299.99
  • Vivint Ping Camera - $199.99
  • Vivint Smart Drive - $249.99

Using Vivint

Vivint Camera
Vivint Camera

Vivint offers professionally-monitored home security to alert monitoring professionals when sensors are triggered in your home. These specialists will then alert emergency responders to your home if there’s a fire, intrusion or other emergency. You can also use Vivint’s mobile app to control your security and smart home equipment. Here are a few added features: 

  • Get instant alerts when your camera detects motion to watch live footage. 
  • Control your system including arming and disarming, and check the status anytime. 
  • Manage smart home devices whether you’re home or on the go. 

Vivint’s service and equipment are backed by their Warranty & Service Plan to repair or replace defective equipment for 120 days. Keep in mind that you may be charged a fee after this period for other service calls. Vivint’s trial period is 30 days and they currently aren’t backed by any other service guarantees at this time.

Vivint Packages

Vivint offers two packages depending on your home security needs. You can choose basic home security to get the essentials for intrusion and environmental prevention with Vivint’s Smart Security package, starting at $599. Or you can upgrade for smart security control with the Smart Home package.

Keep in mind that professional monitoring for these packages is different. The Smart Security monitoring costs $29.99 per month, while the Smart Home package costs $39.99 per month. You’ll also get more equipment with the Smart Home package, including smart home equipment to give you whole-home automation from the start. Here’s a breakdown of the significant differences between the two.
  • Vivint - Smart Security Service

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Vivint’s Smart Security Service comes with everything you’ll need for basic intrusion detection and home environmental monitoring.  This monitoring service includes the Vivint Starter Kit, a motion sensor, recessed door sensor, smoke detector, panic pendant, and much more.  The Smart Home Service monitoring plan costs $29.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Vivint Starter Kit
    • Vivint Smart Sensor
    • Vivint Motion Sensor
    • Recessed Door Sensor
    • Glass Break Detector
    • CO Detector
    • FireFighter
    • Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor
    • Panic Pendant
  • Vivint Smart Home Service

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Vivint’s Smart Home Service comes with everything found in the Smart Security Service monitoring plan. You’ll have basic intrusion detection, home environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and home automation. This monitoring service includes a number of cameras and smart devices to include: the Vivint Ping Indoor Camera, Vivint Doorbell Camera, Nest Learning Thermostat, and much more. The Smart Home Service monitoring plan costs $39.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Kwikset Smart Lock
    • Garage Door Controller
    • Element Thermostat
    • Nest Learning Thermostat
    • Lamp Module
    • Vivint Doorbell Camera
    • Vivint Outdoor Camera
    • Vivint Ping Camera
    • Vivint Smart Drive

Smart Drive 

Vivint’s Smart Drive gives your cameras CVR capabilities and camera storage for 30 days with one DVR. You’ll be able to see, share and save clips using your mobile device and the Vivint app.

Smart Garage Controller 

The Smart Garage Controller lets you control your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone. You’ll be able to check the status of your garage door using Vivint’s app and close it for your safety.

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Vivint Review

If you’re looking for reliable smart home security, we recommend Vivint. You’ll have wireless equipment with next-level features to give you control, peace of mind and reliable service you can count on. The company is regularly releasing new smart home and security products to help you feel safe and in control of your home’s security. To make the most of what Vivint offers, we recommend the Smart Home package to give you mobile app functionality, smart home connectivity and all the security essentials you need. Vivint’s equipment packages also come with award-winning 24/7 professional monitoring to alert help when you need it most. We know the equipment can be expensive, but you can use Vivint’s FlexPay to finance a more affordable payment option. 

Want to know more about how we scored Vivint? Check out our Safety Score Methodology.

Vivint Home Security FAQs

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