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Vivint and Protection 1 offer similar security features, technology and modern features you’d expect to see in the modern smart home. Vivint is a relative newcomer to the home security industry but offers standout innovative equipment and custom packages. Protection 1, on the other hand, has been around for more than 30 years and provides good installation options alongside excellent features and customer service. Both providers offer home security solutions, which include physical equipment, sensors, gadgets, and innovative features. They also offer different installation and payment options, varying levels of customer service, and around-the-clock safety and monitoring solutions.

Best for Smart Homes

  • Flexible equipment configuration
  • Flexible payment options
  • Variety of cutting-edge smart home devices and features

Best for Flexible Installation

  • Flexible equipment configuration
  • Flexible payment options
  • Variety of cutting-edge smart home devices and features
(D) Vivint vs Protection 1


Winner: Vivint

Vivint designs some of its own equipment, which guarantees customers receive the best in home security technology. For example, its outdoor camera features highly competitive specifications and advanced artificial intelligence that actively deter potential intruders. The only catch is that Vivint necessitates purchasing at least $599 worth of equipment in order to use their services. While Protection 1 offers a range of equipment, it’s devices aren’t proprietary.

Security Cameras

Tie: Vivint and Protection 1

Vivint and Protection 1 both provide state-of-the-art security cameras that enable users to keep an eye on their home no matter where they are. Vivint provides 1080p HD resolutions security cameras that pan and zoom their entire home, alongside 30 days of continuous recording and low-cost, high-capacity storage. Protection 1 provides up to six cameras in its web-based video surveillance, which is accessible in an easy-to-use interface, protected by wireless encryption and storage of up to 100MB. Both also provide wireless technology, smart devices, and activity alerts.

Industry Experience

Winner: Protection 1

Vivint has operated in the home security solutions space since its founding in 1999. But Protection 1 has been in the industry since 1988, initially launching as a home alarm systems service then launching its security alarm division in 1991. It’s also now owned by ADT, the longest-standing company in security.

Home Automation

Winner: Vivint

Vivint offers industry-leading smart home capabilities, including doorbell, outdoor and indoor cameras, element thermostats, garage door control, smart locks, and 24/7 video recording. It also offers mobile, smart hub and voice control to manage your home security from anywhere. Both providers’ smart services enable customers to manage home automation, receive weather updates, and control smart thermostats and cameras remotely.

Customer Experience

Winner: Protection 1

Vivint has traditionally suffered customer service issues, but Protection 1 excels in customer satisfaction. Protection 1 has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, while Vivint has a D rating. Additionally, Protection 1 offers a $1,000 Theft Protection guarantee that will go toward your insurance deductible in the event of a burglary while Vivint has none.


Winner: Protection 1

Installation of Vivint’s equipment requires professional assistance at a cost of $49.99, while Protection 1 offers both professional and DIY installation. Vivint’s Smart Home Pros will show customers where equipment has been installed and how to use it, while Protection 1 guides DIY customers through the entire installation and maintenance process in addition to sending out a trained technician if you prefer professional installation.

Differences: Vivint vs. Protection 1

Vivint and Protection 1 both provide users with excellent home security equipment and features that are perfect for furnishing the modern smart home. Vivint excels in providing high-quality, innovative equipment, while Protection 1 stands out in its customer service levels and excellent installation options.

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Protection 1

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Professional monitoring starts at $38.99/mo. $34.99/mo.
Installation Professional DIY and Professional
Minimum contract length 42 to 60 months, or pay equipment in full 3 years
Trial period 3 days 3 days
BBB rating D+ A+

Frequently Asked Questions about Vivint vs. Protection 1


Do Vivint and Protection 1 provide installation services?

Vivint provides users with professional installation of its home security equipment for $49.99 (but it can sometimes be free with special promotions). Protection 1 offers professional installation too, but it also offers users the opportunity to install their solution themselves.

Do Vivint and Protection 1 require contracts?

Customers need a contract to sign up for Vivint and Protection 1’s home security services. Vivint offers 42 or 60-month contracts depending on how long you choose to finance your equipment, while Protection 1 requires customers to sign a minimum three-year contract.

Do Vivint or Protection 1 offer the ability to self-monitor your own home security system?

Vivint and Protection 1 both provide 24/7 monitoring services, but it is not possible to self-monitor. Both provide these services from their central monitoring centers.

What kind of equipment packages do Vivint and Protection 1 offer?

Vivint doesn’t offer any preset packages that you can purchase, but you can select your devices. Protection 1 has four packages you can choose from: Secure, Secure+, Smart Control, and Video, which offer varying levels of home security features and price points.

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