The Vivint Smart Drive Offers Continuous Recording & More

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Updated Feb 25, 2021
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What is the Vivint Smart Drive?

The Vivint Smart Drive is a 1TB storage device for your footage. If you own a Vivint camera and security system, with the Smart Drive, you’ll have access to continuous recording, Smart Clips, and more. Here’s a closer look at several features of this device.

Vivint Smart Drive Features

  • Continuous Recording

    Never miss a beat with ongoing recording for your Vivint cameras. You won’t have to be concerned with missing any activity that may have triggered your camera or sensors.

  • Event Markers

    Skip scrolling with event markers. These make it easier to see activity caught on camera so you can get to the heart of what matters.

  • Storage for up to 30 days

    Get up to 30 days of storage for your footage with the Smart Drive. You can play footage whenever you’re ready before this period ends.

  • Access to Footage

    Use the Vivint app or Smart Hub to check and play back recordings.

How Do You Install the Vivint Smart Drive?

Installation is easy and takes between five and 10 minutes. Start by installing the Vivint Smart Home App on your phone before you begin.

1. Find a level surface near your internet router where you can set the Smart Drive and make sure you have at least six inches of space around the device.

2. Plug the device into an outlet or surge protector. A surge protector is recommended.

3. Plug the included ethernet cable into the Smart Drive. If you’re going to be using Playback, make sure you connect the Smart Drive with the same router used for your Smart Home Panel.

4. Open the Vivint Smart Home App and select Menu > Devices

5. Select “Connect” next to the Smart Drive and add this device. You’ll need to enter the Hardware ID that’s located on the button of the device

6. Once you’ve added the ID, check the settings for each Vivint camera you have and check to see if 24/7 Playback is toggled on. If not, you can switch it on to use now.

How Much Does the Vivint Smart Drive Cost?

You can purchase the Vivint Smart Drive for $249.99. Please note that this device comes part of Vivint’s Smart Home Service Plan, which also provides access to professional monitoring.

Vivint Monthly Service Plans

  • Starter Kit - $599.99
  • Vivint Smart Sensor - $50.00
  • Vivint Motion Sensor - $100.00
  • Recessed Door Sensor - $50.00
  • Glass Break Detector - $100.00
  • Smoke Detector - $100.00
  • CO Detector - $100.00
  • FireFighter - $100.00
  • Flood/Freeze/Heat Sensor - $50.00
  • Panic Pendant - $50.00

Vivint Smart Home Service

  • Kwikset Smart Lock - $179.99
  • Garage Door Controller - $99.99
  • Element Thermostat - $169.00
  • Nest Learning Thermostat - $249.00
  • Lamp Module - $50.00
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera - $249.99
  • Vivint Outdoor Camera - $299.99
  • Vivint Ping Camera - $199.99
  • Vivint Smart Drive - $249.99

Is the Vivint Smart Drive Right for You?

This device will be the most useful if you have a Vivint camera and want to be able to play back your footage for a longer period of time. While these Vivint security cameras do store footage for up to 14 days (Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, and the Vivint Ping Camera), having additional time to maintain and playback your footage can be helpful.

Additionally, if you’re tired of reviewing video clips captured only when activity is detected, then the Smart Drive will help. Continuous recording takes off the barriers of motion-activated recording, while still allowing you to see highlights of events. Ultimately, this device is good for you if you want access to additional features for your footage.


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