Vector Security Review

Vector Security protects over 385,000 homes. They’re known for their excellent security equipment warranty and smart home integrations.
Updated Mar 27, 2020

Vector Security: Our Pick for Customized Home Security

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Vector Security serves over 385,000 customers. One of Vector Security’s biggest drawbacks is that they don’t offer home security solutions nationwide. They only provide service in Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland/Washington, D.C., Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. They’re expanding across the country, but if you’re located outside they’re coverage areas, you’ll have to consider a different provider

You can choose between three packages with Vector Security: the Essential Security Package, Home Automation Package, and Connected Home Package. Their professional monitoring starts at $39.99/mo., but you have to provide your zip code and speak with a Vector Security expert to get a quote and equipment pricing. Learn more about the provider and see how it stacks up against competitors with our Vector Security review.

Vector Security Price

6 out of 10


  • Professional monitoring starts at $39.99/mo.
  • 36-60 month contracts

Vector aims to help customers build a system based on their home security needs, so the final price for equipment may vary. Keep in mind that the Connected Home package has an upfront charge of $99. Professional monitoring for Vector Security starts at $39.99/mo. – which is average compared to other providers that require professional installation. Vector Security doesn’t provide package pricing information online, but you can speak to an expert for a quote. 


Customers who want to customize their home security package will appreciate this control, but others might find it frustrating. Vector Security contracts last from 36 months to 60 months. 

A three-year contract is standard in the industry, ADT’s home security packages require a 3-year contract. Other providers, such as SimpliSafe, do not require a contract.

Vector Security Stand-out Features

8 out of 10


  • Live video surveillance and continuous recording
  • 12-point false alarm reduction
  • Voice commands with Amazon Alexa

You can see your security camera’s live feed through Vector Security’s mobile app. If a sensor is triggered, you’ll receive an alert through the app for a real-time view of the activity. You can also control your cameras from virtually anywhere. The indoor camera has a 180° view – wider than the industry average. All videos can be stored on the Stream Video Recorder for local professional video storage and continuous recording for up to eight cameras. 


Sometimes, security systems cause false alarms, but they may cost you if emergency responders arrive at your home. Vector Security has a 12-point false alarm reduction and prevention program to help customers avoid false alarms and only alert emergency responders when the response is necessary. 

Vector Security offers smart home integrations that work with your security system for better control. Their systems work with Amazon Alexa to arm and disarm your system with hands-free voice commands. Being able to control your system remotely through voice commands can also cut down on false alarms.

Vector Equipment

8 out of 10


  • Devices for basic intrusion detection, home environmental monitoring, video surveillance, and home automation
  • Lack of customization access online

Vector Security provides the equipment you need for basic intrusion detection, home video surveillance, home environmental monitoring, and automation. You can tailor the devices that you want for your package. Most home security providers give you this flexibility in customizing your home security system. The difference with Vector is that you’ll be able to tailor your system with a technician versus online. This might be frustrating for some and a relief for others, but this is definitely something you should keep in mind.

Vector Security Installation

7 out of 10


  • Professional installation
  • Customize your system

Vector Security systems require professional installation – a common set-up across the industry. Some DIY home security providers offer professional installation at an additional fee. 


With Vector, technicians will first perform a walk-through of your home to assess your security needs. After the evaluation, they offer recommendations and can help you select a system package that works best for your home. Like most, their professional technicians can also show you how your new security equipment works in-person. Professional installation costs are included in every Vector Security package, but Vector does not share the price.

Vector Security Trial Period

4 out of 10


  • There is no trial period
  • Lifetime warranty on equipment

Typically, home security providers have a 30-day period in which you can return the equipment if you’re not satisfied. Vector Security does not have a trial period for its service. However, they offer a strong lifetime warranty on the equipment. The SecureCare™ warranty covers service repairs and equipment replacement costs, but if you upgrade to SecureCare™ Plus you get free system inspections every two years, free battery replacement services, free system installation and technicians will move your system to a new house at no charge. We like their strong warranty options to help keep your equipment working and your home protected at all times.

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