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Updated Apr 15, 2021
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Make Things Bright With the Wyze Bulb

You’re probably familiar with Wyze cameras, like the Wyze Cam v2, but did you know that the company also has a smart light in its lineup?

The Wyze Bulb is an LED light with dimmable and color-changing capabilities. It provides 800 lumens of light, which is comparable to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Best of all, you can buy a pack of four Wyze bulbs for less than $40. We dive into more tech specs here in our overview.

How Do You Install a Wyze Light Bulb?

Once you unbox the bulb, you’ll need to download the Wyze app onto your phone or mobile device to complete the process.

In the Wyze app, go to “Home,” tap the “+” symbol, and then tap “Add Device.” Next, select “Power & Lighting,” then choose the Wyze Bulb.

Now, add your bulb to the fixture you’d like to use it with, and using the light switch, turn the fixture on and off three times. This should cause the bulb to blink.

Next, you’ll need to connect your home’s wifi. In the app, choose your network and enter any necessary passwords to ensure connection. Once you’ve set up your wifi, you’ll need to connect the bulb. Continue through this process until it’s complete and you’re taken back to the Home screen. For more detailed steps, check out Wyze’s setup guide.


How to Use the Wyze Bulb

Once set up, controlling the smart bulb is a cinch in the app. You can adjust the color of the light with a color wheel. You also have the option to select from a pre-selected color palette. For those who’d rather go this route, you can choose from a list of scenes in the app. If it’s a rainy morning, you might want to pick a scene that will add some light and perk up the mood.

Additionally, you can create routines and schedules in the app. Set the light to turn on and off at certain times of the day, or use Vacation Mode to create a schedule for the lights to turn on while no one’s home. You can take this step to the next level by installing Wyze motion sensors in your home that can trigger your lights to turn on whenever a certain door is opened. These lights could also be used as potential burglar deterrents for your home.


How Do I Get My Wyze Bulb Back Online?

If the Wyze Bulb goes offline, there are several things you can do to try to reconnect it. Wyze advises that you first check to make sure the bulb is screwed in properly and your light fixture is plugged in. If this doesn’t help, try power-cycling the bulb by turning the light switch on and off. If the Wyze Bulb doesn’t come back online at this point, try a factory reset.


How Much Does the Wyze Bulb Cost?

You can purchase the Wyze light bulb for around $40 on Amazon. One benefit here is that you can get more bulbs for less, bringing you to about $10 per bulb. This is a little less than what you’d find with some mainstream brands. 


Is the Wyze Bulb Worth It?

If you’ve been considering smart lights for your home, we think the Wyze Bulb is worth it. The competitive price means you can get several to place around your home. Plus, features like voice control, Vacation Mode, and automation also provide great convenience and home security benefits.

Wyze Bulb FAQs

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