The Best Christmas Gifts for Teenagers in 2019

Bluetooth technology, voice control, and shareability are some of the unique features you’ll find with these best Christmas gifts for teens in 2019.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Teenagers in 2019


Apple Watch Series 5, $384

  • Get directions to where you’re headed, pick up and pay for your coffee fast, and always get a glimpse of your screen with the Apple Watch Series 5. You’ll be able to talk to friends and family, track your fitness goals, and download apps from the App Store. The Series 5 Apple Watch is a great gift for your on-the-go teen.


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Fuijifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera, $89.95

  • Your teen can print their selfies and snapshots instantly with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera. This camera comes in a bundle with colored filters, a selfie filter, camera case, standing frames, and more. This camera is great for travel, special occasions, and even everyday use.


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MacBook Air (13-inch Retina Display), $1,033+

  • Your teen can take this MacBook Air almost anywhere with its thin, lightweight, 2.75 pound design. With the proper care, it’s a capable and long-lasting laptop for browsing the Internet, composing documents, checking email and much more. With up to 13 hours of battery life, the MacBook Air is ready for travel and can store lots of data with a fast, solid state drive (SSD). Upgrade your teen with this great everyday tech Christmas gift.


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JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $89.95

  • The JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is portable with up to 12 hours of battery life. Your teen can also take turns playing music with a friend with wireless connection for up to 2 smartphones. And with built-in voice assistant technology, Siri or Google Now can be accessed by button-press for commands.


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Sony PlayStation VR Headset, $296.99

  • Gamers can step into virtual reality with the Sony PlayStation VR Headset. Designed with a 1080p OLED screen and 3D audio, teens will be able to feel like they’re a part of their games. The Sony PlayStation VR Headset isn’t limited to gamers as teens can watch YouTube videos with a 360-degree field of vision, allowing them to explore another country without leaving the comfort of home.


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Crenova Mini Projector, $79.99+

  • Your teen can throw on one of the latest flicks and project it for family or friends with the Crenova Mini Projector. With sharp video that can support up to 1080p and the ability to connect a smartphone or computer for mirroring, Saturday nights can be a blast. With a 200-inch screen display and Hi-Fi stereo, this device is a great Christmas gift for sharing moments.


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Apple AirPods with Charging Case, $159+

  • Siri is just a voice request away with the latest Apple AirPods. These wireless ear-buds sense when you’re listening and when you’re not so you can pick up your music right where you left off. Charging is simple as the Apple AirPods can be charged in the case, and just 15 minutes of charging can deliver 3 hours of play. Let your teen take listening to the next level with this high-tech Christmas gift.


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Beautify Beauties Lighted Makeup Mirror with Bluetooth, $28.99

  • Let your beauty queen get ready with the latest tech using the Beautify Beauties Bluetooth Makeup Mirror. This mirror comes with touch control and lights that can easily be switched on or off. With a Bluetooth connection, your teen can listen to their music before heading out for the day or night, and can remove the detachable zooming mirror for greater detail.


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Amazon Echo Dot - 3rd Gen., $34.99

  • With the Amazon Echo Dot, your teen can enjoy voice control for music, news, smart home control, and more. Alexa can queue up Pandora, Spotify, radio stations, and can even be paired with Fire TV. The Echo Dot is small enough to set on your teen’s nightstand, desk, or on any flat surface in your home. The Amazon Echo Dot is a great Christmas gift for smart controls.


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Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, $30.99

  • Turn weekend nights into Karaoke time with the Bonaok Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. Your teen can challenge friends while queueing up songs to be played. With de-noising technology, singing is clear and a bass diaphragm cavity enhances sound quality.


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What Should I Look For When Choosing Gifts for Teens?

  • Bluetooth

    Many of the Christmas gifts that made our list feature Bluetooth technology, designed for easy wireless communication between devices. Bluetooth devices can be controlled by smartphones, computers and more.

  • Voice Control

    Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are dominating technology today, with the forecast of 8 billion being in use by 2023. Teens are bound to like the convenience of asking a voice assistant a question or to handle a task.

  • Shareability

    From printed-out photos to home entertainment, we chose gifts that help teens to stay connected with friends, family and the rest of the world.

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