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The myQ Pet Portal Keeps You From Asking, “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Jan 14, 2021
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We can almost hear the Baha Men asking the infamous question, “Who let the dogs out?” when thinking about this new smart pet door: the myQ Pet Portal. Now, the myQ Pet Portal doesn’t transport your pet to a different realm, but it does let them in and out with a few additional perks pet owners are bound to appreciate.

myQ has won the CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award in the Smart Home category.  The brand is owned by the Chamberlain Group, among a host of other brands to include LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Tend, and others. Here’s a closer look at the myQ Pet Portal and how it works.

How Does the myQ Pet Portal Work?

The myPet Portal is essentially a system comprising a mechanically operated and sensing door, a pet collar, and mobile app. The mechanically operated door would replace an exterior door and has a Bluetooth sensor that works with the motor, safety sensors for your pet’s passage, and built-in lock. The pet collar has a Bluetooth sensor that works in tandem with the door and Portal app. 

Video by myQ / YouTube

You can choose between the Request or Automatic modes. With the Request mode turned on, if your pet is near the door, you’ll get an alert in the mobile app, allowing you to grant your pet access to leave or return. In the Automatic mode, your pet will be able to enter and exit whenever they come near the door.

Additionally, you’ll be able to check in and see your furry friend with this smart pet door’s two cameras. There is a camera on the exterior and one on the interior, allowing you to check in via the mobile app. You can also let your pet know you can see them through two-way audio. 

Modern, Discreet Design: An Unnoticeable Smart Panel

One of the sleekest aspects of the Pet Portal is its discreet design. myQ has built its portal for select Kolbe doors, allowing them to have smart panels that look like regular door panels but slide open and shut. Another perk with this smart pet door is that it will automatically lock once your pet passes through so no additional unwelcome guests can tailgate their way in.

How Much Does the MyQ Pet Portal Cost?

The myQ Pet Portal starts around $3,000. For fiberglass panels, the price starts at $2,999. Fiberglass Prehung units start at $3,699, and the Extra Thick Wood Aluminum Clad Prehung units start at $4,499. The Pet Portal is planned to have limited quantities available for shipping in Spring 2021, but you can pre-order units now.

Can You Self-Install the Pet Portal?

No, the Pet Portal will have to be professionally installed. The company says that installation takes less than a day, so your pet can start using the door the same day.

Our Take: Is the myQ Pet Portal Right for You?

This smart pet door has a hefty price tag, but there are several reasons you might consider it for your home. For one, you’d be able to control when your pet can leave and know when they’ve left. The app will keep track of this information, so you’re in the know. This could especially come in handy if your pet gets lost, so you’ll know when they left. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to keep unwanted visitors (like a neighborhood raccoon or possum) out (definitely a bonus over regular pet doors). Lastly, with the built-in cameras and two-way audio, it’s a nice way to check in and see your pet when they approach the door, as well as allow you to talk to them. These are some pretty nice benefits to weigh if you’re interested in a smart pet door.

About myQ

myQ creates smart home products designed to add connectivity and convenience to your home, like the Pet Portal, smart garage door openers, smart garage cameras, smart locks, and more. myQ also works with a host of automation platforms like Apple HomeKit, Amazon, Alarm.com, Google Assistant, and more.

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