The Mask Brace Can Improve Your Mask’s Fit

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Mar 2, 2021
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If you’re looking for a way to improve the fit of your mask, look no further because Fix the Mask has a solution: the Mask Brace.

With the CDC now recommending that fit and layers matter for enhancing your protection against COVID-19, it’s important to make sure that your mask functions at its best in protecting you and others. We share some details on the Mask Brace, how it works, how much it costs, and whether or not we think it’s worth investing in for your safety.

What is the Mask Brace?

The Mask Brace by Fix the Mask is a device designed to help secure your mask in place. It is made of biocompatible silicone and comes in a size Small, Medium, and Large. A unique feature of the Mask Brace is its nose cushion that’s designed with bristles to help hold and secure the mask.

For glasses wearers, this device can also help to keep your glasses from fogging up (which is definitely a win). To clean the Mask Brace, simply wash it with soap and water, dry, and it’s ready for subsequent use.

What About Double Masking?

The CDC recently released findings from a study concluding that double masking is a more effective alternative to wearing a single, surgical mask. You can wear a cloth mask over a surgical mask for a more secure fit and potentially block out up to 95% of infectious air particles. Another alternative is to tie knots using the cords of a surgical mask for a snug fit. The key to enhance your protection is to wear more than one layer and make sure the mask fits so that there are no gaps for air to seep in or leave the mask.

How Does the Mask Brace Work?

Once you receive your package, pull out the mask and you’ll notice an O-ring. Tear off this ring, and then take the two pointed ends and slide the O-ring back over the ends to create a loop for your neck. Put the mask brace on so it hangs loosely from your neck. You can also follow the assembly instructions in this video.

Now, put on your mask and slide the brace over the top of the mask. At the back of your head, adjust the ends so that the mask fits snugly, and make sure the bristles are pointing inward over the nose. You can adjust the head strap for your comfort, and if you need to make multiple stops while you’re out, you can simply pull down the head strap between locations.

Here’s a video demonstration of how to put on the device:


Video by Fix The Mask / YouTube

Are There Any Alternative Mask Fitters or Solutions?

Yes, if you’re looking for an alternative that can help you secure your mask more tightly, consider an extender strap, cord locks, or mask fitter bracket. Here are several alternatives you can consider:

1. Adjustable Mask Extender Strap by MIAODAM – $7.99

These adjustable mask extender straps by MIAODAM come in a variety of quantities and are made to securely hold the early loops of your mask. Simply lay the ear loops into the hooks of the extender for wear. The flexible construction and soft material help to provide more comfortable wear. Choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

2. Mask Cord Locks by Aartvark Tees – $2.99

These mask cord locks come in a pack of 200 so you can adjust the fit of your mask easily. Simply thread the cord lock onto the ear loops using a bobby pin and slide into place. The cord locks are also multifunctional and can be used for lanyards, elastic bands, and other purposes.

3. 3D Silicone Bracket by Alameda – $8.48

Alameda’s 3D Silicone Bracket can help you create a better fit for your mask by placing inside the mask’s fabric. You can use a little double-sided tape to help secure the bracket in place. This device will add structure to the mask while also providing more breathing space during where. For care, simply wash and reuse

Our Thoughts on the Mask Brace: Is It Worth It?

Given the CDC’s findings about mask fit, layers, and particle reduction, we think the Mask Brace is worth it. Ultimately, you’re investing in your protection and health, so we think it’s worth buying.

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