The Best Home Security Systems in Lubbock, TX

Compare Top Providers

Compare Top Providers

1st Alarm Security

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SimpliSafe Security

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Pro. monitoring starts at $45.99/mo. $34.99/mo. $29.99/mo. $14.99/mo. $44.99/mo.
Installation Professional Professional Professional DIY or Professional DIY
Contract 36 months 36 months 42-60 mos. or pay for equipment in full None None
Smart home compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video surveillance Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Option to extend limited warranty 3-year equipment warranty 120-day equipment warranty 3-year limited equipment warranty 3-year limited equipment warranty
About Lubbock, TX

About Lubbock, TX

Lubbock began in 1890 as a city of 50 people, and home security wasn’t as important as it is now. Over the following 130 years, Lubbock grew to be the home of 295,999 hospitable Western Texans, and home security is more important these days.

From early beginnings in hot, dry West Texas as a farming community, where the cotton industry still produces several million bales of cotton each year, Lubbock became a crossroads of the region’s culture. You can find a diverse art scene, live music venues, award-winning wineries and many more exhibits of art and culture. This is why Lubbock entertains millions of annual visitors.

In addition, Lubbock celebrates learning, and is the home of Texas Tech, which brings the energy of a college town to the city, and provides residents and visitors the opportunity to watch great college sports teams compete in football, volleyball, basketball and more.

Lubbock Crime Statistics

Lubbock Crime Statistics

In 2018, the FBI reports that Lubbock had over 8,200 reported larceny-theft incidents. Burglary came in second with over 2,300 incidents reported in 2018. Here is a breakdown of some of the major offenses by type in Lubbock:

  • 8,228 incidents of larceny-theft
  • 2,312 incidents of burglary
  • 1,870 incidents of aggravated assault
  • 1,203 incidents of motor vehicle theft
  • 443 incidents of robbery

Based on data from Neighborhood Scout, crime in Lubbock is far worse than in the rest of Texas, and the U.S. average. The website rates the city as safer than just 3% of U.S. cities. However, claims that violent crime is on the decline in Lubbock, although it also admits property crime is on the rise. We think these are good reasons to consider professional home security companies and some type of alarm system.

  1. Regional TX Provider

    1st Alarm Security

    BBB rating B-

    Starting at $34.99/mo

    Our take

    1st Alarm is a moderately affordable home security option for El Paso residents, especially considering there’s no need to purchase equipment upfront. The packages include a range of equipment so that you pay for only what you need. If you oversee your property from afar, you can have all the best monitoring equipment keeping track. Unfortunately, First Alarm isn’t transparent about its contract requirements or pricing for additional services such as environmental monitoring, and their service comes with activation fees.

    What we like

    • Smart home devices and home automation features
    • No upfront equipment purchase required
    • Video surveillance packages available

    What we don’t like

    • $69–$99 activation fee for each plan
    • No transparent pricing for additional services
    • No transparent about contract requirements
  2. Best for Industry Experience

    ADT Home Security

    Our rating 8.3

    Starting at $45.99/mo

    Our Take on ADT Home Security

    ADT is known for its longevity in the industry and its certified monitoring centers. Choose from one of ADT’s four packages or customize to fit your needs.


    Recommended Plan
    ADT’s Video Lite Plan is nothing minor — you’ll get motion detection, smart home capabilities, and video surveillance. Equipment starts at $599. Professional monitoring starts at $54.99 per month.


    • 140+ years in business
    • 6-month money back guarantee
    • $500 Theft Protection guarantee


    • Contract required
    • No self-installation option
    • Mobile app access not available in basic package
  3. Best for Smart Homes

    Vivint Security

    Our rating 7.7

    Starting at $29.99/mo

    Our Take on Vivint Home Security

    Winner of the 2020 IoT Breakthrough Award for its outdoor camera, Vivint is a leader in home security with its expansive equipment lineup and features.


    Recommended Plan
    Vivint’s Smart Home Service has a ton of features and devices to help you protect your home to include the basics plus home hazard monitoring devices. Equipment starts at $599.99. Professional monitoring starts at $29.99 per month.


    • Flexible equipment configuration
    • Flexible payment options
    • Variety of cutting-edge smart home devices and features


    • Long contract if financing equipment
    • Expensive equipment cost
    • No DIY installation option
  4. Best Overall DIY Security System

    SimpliSafe Security

    Our rating 9.3

    Starting at $14.99/mo

    Our Take on SimpliSafe Home Security

    Keep those pesky burglars away with a SimpliSafe security system. Choose from a range of packages and equipment, and get inexpensive professional monitoring.


    Recommended Plan
    We recommend The Barrington if you’re interested in SimpliSafe. This package combines intrusion detection and video surveillance. Equipment starts at $388.93. Professional monitoring starts at $14.99 per month.


    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in basic monitoring plan
  5. Best for Customer Service

    Frontpoint Security

    Our rating 7.6

    Starting at $44.99/mo

    Our Take on Frontpoint Home Security

    Nationally recognized for its customer service, Frontpoint is a top contender in home security with a range of packages you can choose from.


    Recommended Plan
    For the basics—a hub, sensors, and signage—Frontpoint’s Safe Home Starter plan comes at an affordable price. Equipment starts at $319.95. Professional monitoring starts at $44.99 per month.


    • Month-to-month contract
    • Renter-friendly services and equipment
    • Good customer service


    • Outdoor camera, doorbell camera only available as add-ons
    • Limited home automation devices available
    • High monitoring starting price

Best Home Security Systems of 2020

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Other Local Home Security Providers for Lubbock

Other Local Home Security Providers for Lubbock

  • Guardian Security Solutions – Provides security system installation, monitoring, and maintenance for residential, commercial, education, government and other industries.
  • Hi-Fidelity – Builds, installs and maintains security systems for businesses and individuals. Residential options include alarms, detection, and surveillance camera systems.
  • Professional Security Provider Lubbock – Specializes in smart home system consultations, installation, and monitoring services.
Surrounding Areas For Lubbock

Surrounding Areas For Lubbock

Lubbock is composed of 60 neighborhoods including Burris, Hurlwood, Reese Village and Slide, as well as surrounding towns like Wolfforth, Levelland, Shallowater and Ropesville.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

Factors to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

  • Price & Contracts

    Are you looking to pay for your equipment upfront or finance over a period of time? You’ll also need to decide whether you want to commit to a contract or have the freedom to cancel your provider’s service without penalty.

  • Monitoring

    Choose between 24/7 professional monitoring or self monitoring. Both have its perks – with professional monitoring, a specialist is available around the clock to help, and with self monitoring, you’ll be in charge and can avoid a monthly fee.

  • Installation

    Want a professional to install your security system for you, or would you rather install it on your own? Most providers either require professional installation, DIY installation, or offer a choice of both.

Common Home Security Equipment and Features

Common Home Security Equipment and Features

Head-to-Head Comparisons

Can’t decide? Compare top providers side-by-side: ADT vs. SimpliSafe, Vivint vs. Frontpoint, and more.

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4 Questions To Find Your Home Security Provider

Select the features you want and we’ll match you with the right home security provider.

Frequently Asked Questions for Lubbock

Frequently Asked Questions for Lubbock

What home security features are important for Lubbock?

Because burglary and property crime are on the rise in Lubbock it is important to choose security companies that include video surveillance. Some reports indicate burglaries even occur when residents are at home, making a loud, audible alarm system an important feature.

Which home security provider is the least expensive in Lubbock?

At just $14.99 per month for its basic plan, SimpliSafe Security is the least expensive home security provider in Lubbock. Least expensive doesn’t always mean best, however, so be sure to compare features and options before making a decision.

Which home security providers offer professional installation?

If professional installation is important to you, then you have several good choices for alarm companies in Lubbock. SimpliSafe Security and ADT Home Security are two national providers offering professional installation, and the regional choice 1stAlarm also offers professional installation of its security systems.

Which home security providers offer security cameras in Lubbock?

All of the security firms we’ve included above in our review will include security cameras as a part of their packages. The only caveat is that some offer security cameras in basic packages, while others require more expensive packages before offering video surveillance.

Do home security providers require a contract for service in Lubbock?

Not all home security services will require a contract for service in Lubbock,  but of the companies included as our top choices do. Vivint Home Security, ADT Home Security and 1st Alarm require contracts as part of their service agreement.

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