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Updated Feb 1, 2021
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We’ve rounded up the top strollers on the market to help you choose the best stroller for you and your baby.

Whether you’re a new parent who’s stroller shopping for the first time, or you’re just looking to upgrade your current wheels, it can be overwhelming to sort through the hundreds of strollers available on the market today. From jogging strollers to umbrella strollers and everything in between, we’ve reviewed the best baby and infant strollers on the market based on their functionality, ease of use and, of course, style.

The Best Baby Strollers

  • UPPABaby Vista — Best full travel system stroller
  • GB Pockit — Best travel stroller
  • BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 — Best jogging stroller
  • Summer Infant 3Dlite — Best budget baby stroller
  • BabyZen Yoyo+ — Best infant stroller

The Most Important Features to Look for in a Stroller

  • Foldability

    Whether you’re stowing your baby stroller in an apartment closet or putting it into the trunk of a car, look for a stroller that folds easily, locks in place, isn’t too heavy, and doesn’t take up a lot of space when it’s folded. You should also pay attention to footrests and other pieces that stick out and might get in the way when stowing the stroller.

  • Steering

    Not everyone is the same height, so it’s important to have a stroller with an adjustable handlebar to make it more comfortable for you to steer. You should also look for locking front wheels, as swivel wheels can make navigating rough surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel, difficult. Larger rear wheels also usually offer more stability than smaller ones.

  • Storage

    When checking out stroller storage, be sure to look at the cargo space underneath the seat and the options for additional storage near the handlebars. It’s nice to have a cup holder and somewhere to put your phone and keys while you’re out and about with your baby.

  • Comfort

    Your baby will spend a lot of time in their stroller, so the more comfortable it is for them, the happier you’ll both be. Look for soft seats with breathable fabrics, a sun and rain canopy, an adjustable footrest, and a shock absorption system to help your little one’s ride stay smooth.

  • Washability

    Look for removable seat covers that can be machine washed, and watch out for pesky nooks and crannies where crumbs and gunk can get caught. A good stroller should be an investment that lasts a few years, but it shouldn’t smell like you’ve had it that long.

  • Best Full Travel System Stroller

    UPPABaby Vista

    Our take

    The UPPABaby Vista has an understated modern design and easy fold capability. It can also grow with your child from infancy through preschool. The UPPABaby Vista is pricey, but its ability to expand with your family helps justify the high price tag. It can also expand to carry up to three children: one front-facing, one rear-facing, and one standing on the back. (Note: for a more budget-friendly option with many of the same features, consider the Mockingbird stroller.)

    Stand-out features include

    • Full travel system that includes a bassinet, car seat and expandable stroller
    • Large rear wheels for added stability
    • Adjustable canopy with ventilation and sunshade that fits your child as they grow
    • All-wheel shock-absorbing suspension for a smooth ride
  • Best Stroller for Travel

    GB Pockit Air

    Our take

    With the most compact folding design of all the strollers on our list, the GB Pockit Air is ideal for travel. When folded up, it’s smaller than a carry-on bag and fits nicely in the overhead bin of an airplane. Even though it only weighs about 10 pounds, it holds babies and children up to 55 pounds, so it’s a reliable travel companion even as your child grows.

    Stand-out features include

    • Lightweight construction with ultra-compact folding design
    • Washable and breathable mesh fabric seat for increased airflow in hot weather
    • Double front and back wheels for easier steering and more stability
    • Optional add-ons such as a rain shield, extendable sunshade and carrying bag
  • Best Jogging Stroller

    BOB Revolution Flex 3.0

    Our take

    With a weight capacity up to 75 pounds, the BOB Revolution Flex 3.0 can keep up with you and your child well into their preschool years. The seat can adjust to lay nearly flat, and it has plenty of cushioned padding to keep your little one comfortable. The stroller’s air-filled tires and suspension system make for a smooth ride, and its adjustable handlebar makes it easy to push.

    Stand-out features include

    • 360-degree swiveling front wheel with a locking mechanism for rougher terrain
    • Cargo basket with large storage capacity and six extra storage pockets
    • Suspension system and air-filled tires for a smooth ride
    • Extra-large canopy to protect your little one’s skin from the sun
  • Best Budget Baby Stroller

    Summer Infant 3Dlite

    Our take

    With a lightweight design, four seat reclining positions and an extra-large storage capacity, the Summer Infant 3Dlite proves that the best baby strollers don’t have to break the bank. At under $100, the 3Dlite offers a five-point safety harness to keep your child safe, a compact folding design for easy storage and anti-shock front wheels for a steadier ride. You also don’t have to sacrifice style — the stroller comes in gray, black, orchid and teal.

    Stand-out features include

    • 13-pound lightweight aluminum frame and shoulder strap for easy carrying
    • One-handed seat recline with four different angle settings
    • 50-pound weight limit to fit kids up to six years old
    • Roomy storage compartment for your diaper bag, snacks and more
  • Best Infant Stroller

    BabyZen Yoyo+ Newborn

    Our take

    As any parent knows, newborns are precious, fragile cargo, and most infants aren’t ready for normal strollers until they’re at least a few months old. The BabyZen Yoyo+ is a stroller that’s been specially designed to hold the BabyZen Yoyo+ Newborn bassinet. As your child grows, it can also hold a car seat and then act as a regular stroller. The Yoyo’s bassinet features newborn-specific head support, a reinforced flat mattress and a nest-like foot cover that keeps your baby warm in cold weather.

    Stand-out features include

    • Independent four-wheel suspension for a smooth ride
    • One-handed open-and-close design for easy folding and unfolding
    • Ultra-compact size when in folded position for storing
    • FIve-point harness to keep your baby completely safe and secure


It can be daunting to find the best baby strollers for your growing family, but remember: the best stroller is the one that keeps your little one safe and comfortable and gives you peace of mind. Take the time to shop around to find the stroller that’s right for you.

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