Specializing in completely wire-free cameras, Vosker is a great choice for protecting remote properties. Learn more about what Vosker has to offer.
Updated Jul 8, 2020

What Sets Vosker Apart?

Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, Vosker specializes in developing mobile security cameras. Vosker’s cameras don’t require a Wi-Fi connection or plugged power source: these cameras are built for video surveillance over a cellular network and battery or solar power. With Vosker cameras, you also have access to artificial intelligence (A.I.), providing you with the most meaningful alerts to be aware of. These cameras are best for monitoring remote locations like farms, construction sites, and vacation homes. You can get video surveillance with Vosker through their plans, ranging from free with their Free Plan up to $20 per month with their Unlimited Plan. Learn more about the features this company has to offer.


  • Don't need a Wi-Fi connection for video surveillance
  • Works in remote locations
  • Completely wireless setup


  • Expensive cameras
  • Need a mobile data plan

Vosker Plans

  • Vosker Free Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Purchase a Vosker camera and pay nothing to store up to 100 photos per month and access 7 days of photo history with the Free Plan. You’ll be able to use Vosker’s basic app for checking your photos and any recorded video. Photos and video are backed up to an SD card for local storage. You’ll also get a preactivated SIM card with the Vosker Free Plan, giving you access to a major cellular network.

    Package Features

    • Take up to 100 photos
    • Access to 7-day photo history
    • Vosker mobile app access
  • Vosker Basic Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    With Vosker Basic, you’ll get 5x the photo storage of Vosker Free with 500 photos. Additionally, you’ll be able to view a 30-day history of your photos and have access to VOSKER® AI Tools. This technology will help to provide you with meaningful notifications through VOSKER SENSE, which distinguishes between people and vehicles on camera. Vosker Basic costs just $10/mo.

    Package Features

    • Take up to 500 photos
    • Access to 30-day photo history
    • Vosker mobile app access
    • In-app artificial intelligence tools with Vosker Sense
  • Vosker Alerted Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Vosker Alerted Plan doubles the number of photos you can store with the Basic Plan, giving you up to 1000 photos.You’ll also gain access to an unlimited photo history and VOSKER® AI Tools. With this plan, you won’t have to be concerned with restraints on reviewing your video history. The Vosker Alerted Plan costs $15/mo.

    Package Features

    • Take up to 1000 photos
    • Have unlimited photo history
    • Vosker mobile app access
    • In-app artificial intelligence tools with Vosker Sense
  • Vosker Unlimited Plan

    Starting at

    Our Take

    With Vosker Unlimited, you’ll have ultimate feature access with unlimited photos and video history. As with the other Vosker plans, mobile app access and A.I. features are available for use. This plan would be great for long-term projects and monitoring like construction work or monitoring a vacation home. The Vosker Unlimited Plan costs $20/mo.

    Package Features

    • Take unlimited photos
    • Have unlimited photo history
    • Vosker mobile app access
    • In-app artificial intelligence with Vosker Sense

Vosker Equipment, Cameras, and Features

  • Vosker V100 4G Security Camera

    The Vosker V100 Outdoor Security Camera takes away the need for a Wi-Fi connection by operating over a 4G cellular network. This camera captures color photos by day and black and white photos by night with full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution. There’s no need for access to a power outlet as this camera runs on 8 AA batteries or a 12V battery. The Vosker V100 camera also has a sensor and can be set up to monitor 5 zones.

  • Vosker V200 4G LTE Security Camera

    Like the Vosker V100 camera, the Vosker V200 Camera doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. As a step higher, the V200 camera combines 4G with LTE capability for a faster connection and records sound. The Vosker V200 Camera also has a viewing screen and is powered by solar energy or battery. You’ll have full 1920 x 1080p HD video for clear viewing and 5 custom detection zones.

  • Vosker Battery Pack and Charger

    Designed to last nearly 3 times longer than typical alkaline batteries, this rechargeable lithium battery pack will provide you with a better power supply. This battery pack also functions better in colder temperatures than alkaline batteries, making them more suitable for outdoor use.

  • Vosker Power Adapter

    Use this power adapter to charge any Vosker security camera through a North American power source. This adapter is 12 feet long, providing more length for connection.

  • Vosker Steel Security Box

    Mount your Vosker security camera with this steel security box that features anchor holes for installation on almost any surface. This box is sized to fit all Vosker security cameras.

Vosker Free Plan

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Vosker Basic Plan

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Vosker Alerted Plan

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Vosker Unlimited Plan

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Self-monitoring starts at
Motion detection
Mobile app access
Photo storage
Up to 100 Up to 500Up to 1000Unlimited
Photo history
7 days30 daysUnlimitedUnlimited
Artificial intelligence

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