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Blink Home Security Cameras

Check out what services and equipment Blink offers to keep your home safe and sound.

What Sets Blink Apart?

What Sets Blink Apart?

Blink Home Security, an Amazon company, offers a collection of DIY home security camera systems. With Blink, you’ll be able to control and monitor your cameras using the Blink mobile app for remote control while on the go. Their camera systems include motion detection, HD video and two-way audio for better control of your home’s safety and security. 


  • Blink cameras come with a 2-year battery life
  • Contract-free home security
  • Free cloud storage


  • Whole-home security system not available
  • Only motion-triggered clips available, not CVR
  • No professional monitoring available
Blink Packages & Equipment Costs

Blink Packages & Equipment Costs

Currently, Blink doesn’t offer any packages for their cameras. So if you’re looking for a whole-home security system, Blink may not be the best choice for you. However, they have very affordable cameras that start at $34.99 for their indoor mini camera. Their most advanced camera only costs $99.99. 

Top Blink Features

Top Blink Features

  • Free Cloud Storage

    With Blink, you won’t have to worry about paying for cloud storage for up to a year. Blink offers an extended free trial to keep your motion-triggered camera clips for longer than most camera providers without any storage fees. 

  • Connect Additional Cameras

    You can add additional Blink outdoor cameras throughout your home and yard without needing to worry about wires or drilling. It’s easy to install and control each one using the Blink mobile app. 

  • Works with Amazon Alexa

    With Blink, you’ll be able to control your cameras and get instant voice alerts with Amazon Alexa. Use Amazon Alexa to speak to guests and have more control of your home’s security.  

Blink Features & Equipment

Blink Features & Equipment

Compare Blink Cameras

Blink cameras come with a two-year battery life, motion-activated recorded and live recording. Some cameras offer more high-tech features without a contract. We like that with Blink, you’ll also be able to connect additional Blink cameras for a whole-home security camera system that you can control with your smartphone. Here are some differences to look for:

Blink Mini

Check price

Blink Indoor Security Camera

Check price

Blink Outdoor

Check price
Cost $34.99 $79.99 $99.99
Two-way audio No No Yes
Motion detection Yes Yes Yes
Free cloud storage Yes Yes Yes
Works with Amazon Alexa Yes Yes Yes
Placement Indoor only Indoor only Outdoor
HD resolution 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Power source Plugs into wall outlet Battery-powered Battery-powered
Blink Monitoring Plans

Blink Monitoring Plans

Currently, Blink doesn’t offer any monitoring plans for its camera systems. You’ll have to self-monitor your home’s activity, but you’ll be able to use two-way audio to speak to guests or scare off intruders with the Blink mobile app. 

Blink Installation

Blink Installation

Most Blink cameras are battery-powered with a two-year lifespan and are easy to self-install. Just download the app and follow the set-up instructions from there. During set-up, the Blink app also shows you where you shouldn’t place your camera and why. 

Blink Mobile App

Blink Mobile App

Blink’s mobile app lets you see what’s happening at home from anywhere using your mobile device. You’ll get motion alerts when your cameras sense activity, and you can see live video. And if you need to adjust your camera settings you can do so from the app. Currently, the app works for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. 

Blink Frequently Asked Questions

Blink Frequently Asked Questions

Does Blink offer professional monitoring?

No, only self-monitoring is currently available.  

Does Blink offer professional installation?

At this time, only DIY installation is available for Blink cameras. 

Does Blink work with Ring security equipment?

No, Blink and Ring equipment and devices work separately. 


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