Why ADT Security?

ADT is one of the most popular wired security providers with over eight million customers. ADT offers industry-leading, easy to use monitored security systems and equipment for homes and businesses. ADT is equipped to help protect your home from carbon monoxide, fire, home invasions and more with innovative technology. ADT’s equipment is compatible with smart home automation devices include Ring and Nest.

Explore ADT Cameras

Each ADT camera is equipped with crystal clear 720p HD video, motion activated video recording, live footage viewing and pairs with ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring to help protect your home. And if you need help setting up your camera or connecting it to your fully-monitored ADT security system, professional installation and customer support are available to help out.

ADT Outdoor Security Camera

ADT Outdoor Security Camera

ADT’S Outdoor Camera is IP66 certified weatherproof and includes a built-in heater for the camera to continue to work properly in colder outdoor temperatures. It includes 720p HD video quality and a 95-degree viewing angle. With ADT’s outdoor security camera, you’ll automatically receive alerts from ADT’s mobile app when your security camera detects motion.

ADT Indoor Security Camera

ADT Indoor Security Camera

The ADT Indoor Security Camera is built with 720p HD, a 90-degree field of view and night vision. This wireless security camera is powered by simply plugging into your standard wall outlet and connects to a private, trusted network separate from your home’s Wi-Fi to help protect your home’s footage from hackers. When motion is detected, you’ll automatically receive alerts to view real-time footage. You’ll also be able to see different angles inside your home by switching between cameras using your smartphone.

Factors to Consider Before Buying ADT Security Cameras

Adding up ADT Camera Costs

If you’d like to remotely control your home’s security equipment pricing starts at $42.99/mo. This requires a three-year contract, $25 activation fee, any additional activation and installation costs. The total cost includes a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen control panel to easily control all smart home equipment through one device. In addition to using the ADT mobile app, you’ll receive SMS and email notifications. This package is included in ADT’s Control Package, which also includes the standard home security system and equipment including sensors and smoke detectors. If you choose to end the contract early, ADT warns customers of the following – ADT may charge 75% of the monthly service charges due for the balance of the initial contract term.

ADT offers a special ADT Video Package to help monitor your home using your ADT cameras. It includes everything included in the Control Package in addition to viewing live security camera footage and recorded motion-triggered camera snippets. This package also includes a 6-month money-back guarantee on any installation and monitoring costs if you’re not satisfied with the equipment or features. It also includes theft protection guarantee to refund you up to $500 of your insurance deductible if your system is armed and a burglary happens.

How to Use the ADT Security Mobile App

ADT’s mobile app allows you to control your home’s security equipment at all times using your smartphone, smartwatch or other mobile devices. With one app you’ll be able to:

  • Review camera clips: View live and recorded camera footage
  • Doublecheck your doors: Unlock and lock your smart lock
  • Smart home connectivity: Control compatible smart home gadgets including smart lights and video doorbells
  • Monitor from all angles: Switch between multiple cameras to see your home’s activity from different angles
  • Stay in the know: Receive instant notifications when sensors are set off

But, before you download the app to see camera footage from your smartphone, remember to factor the ADT security package and equipment costs in mind.


How to Connect Multiple ADT Security Cameras and Devices

ADT’s security system allows you to connect multiple security cameras and smart home devices to help protect your home. Depending on the package, you’ll be able to connect your favorite devices such as the Ring video doorbell, Nest Thermostat and other ADT compatible smart home gadgets. Keep in mind that ADT cameras are not standalone security cameras. They must be connected to the ADT fully-monitored security system to be used.

ADT Security Camera Features to Shop For

Night vision

All ADT outdoor security cameras are equipped with night vision to display clear camera footage using infrared LEDs. However, not all indoor security cameras can capture and record footage in the dark. Doublecheck that your ADT indoor camera is equipped with night vision to see footage in the dark.

Live feed

When motion is triggered, you may want to have a crystal clear view of what’s happening around your home. ADT’s security camera allows you to switch between the Live Feed feature to show you live action of what’s happening and the recorded video from previous motion-triggered events.

Viewing angle

Your ADT viewing angle will vary depending on the security camera. The indoor camera allows you to see your home with a 90-degree field of view angle, while the outdoor camera has a 95-degree view to see your home’s vicinity. Make sure you understand how much of your home you’ll be able to see and if this field of view best fits your home.

Remote control

To make the most of your ADT cameras, select an ADT package that allows you to control your security cameras anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at work or home, you’ll be able to view live footage and motion-triggered camera activity using your smartphone.

ADT Security Camera Storage

While most security camera providers offer limited video storage at an additional cost, ADT offers unlimited security camera storage to record as many 30-second motion-triggered camera clips as you’d like with their packages. Here’s the catch – clips can be no longer than 30 seconds. But, you’ll be able to have as many as you need. ADT advises saving any important clips to your ADT portal as a backup storage option.

What ADT Customers Say

What they like

  • Camera quality – Customers love the camera and video quality of both the indoor and outdoor security cameras for crystal clear live and recorded footage. ADT cameras are designed with 720p HD video quality for crystal clear viewing.
  • Unlimited cloud storage – ADT customers love not having to pay extra for limited video storage. Every motion-triggered activity captured by your camera is automatically stored and saved for you to review from the ADT portal when you’re ready.
  • Remote control – Customers love the ability to control their security cameras at all times using their smartphone. When motion is detected, the camera instantly sends a push notification for you to see live footage from your mobile device.

What they don’t like

  • No pan and tilt functionality – ADT customers that reviewed the security cameras aren’t pleased with the inability to pan and tilt your security camera for a different view of your home’s vicinity or motion triggered activity, you’ll want to consider adding multiple security cameras.
  • Fee for each maintenance visit – Each time an ADT technician visits your home to fix equipment and your system such as your security camera, you could be charged a fee that varies by area. ADT offers a Quality Service Plan (QSP), but some customers state that even with the plan, they still incur charges from visits from technicians. To inquire and review the extended warranty, speak with an ADT agent about QSP terms and conditions.
  • Darkness – Some customers with indoor and outdoor ADT cameras have reported that even though the camera is equipped with infrared LED lights they cannot see the live camera footage in darkness.

ADT Security Camera FAQs

How does ADT keep data from my security cameras secure?

ADT uses WPA2 as an end-to-end wireless encryption protocol to keep your security camera footage secure and safe from hackers. ADT also connects to a private, trusted network separate from your home’s Wi-Fi to help protect your home’s footage from hackers.

Can I connect brands’ security cameras to my ADT home security system?

No, if you’d like to use security cameras with your ADT fully-monitored system, you’ll need ADT cameras. But, ADT pairs with other ADT compatible smart home devices to connect and control your other favorite gadgets.

How much do ADT cameras cost?

The cost of ADT cameras varies. If you purchase the ADT Video Package, at least one camera is included and more can be purchased at any additional cost depending on your plan. For the best pricing and offers speak to an ADT representative.