When you’re thinking about family activities, a favorite time of the year for planning for and spending on activities by far has to be the summer months. It’s natural really – the kids are out of school, the weather is beautiful, and your boss probably expects you to take time off. But while vacations and beach trips and road-tripping are the items that you’ll probably be expecting to spend money on during the summer, there are several other unplanned expenses that naturally occur during the summer that you probably didn’t even expect to have to account for. For instance, due to the heightened risks of droughts and floods, roads have to be repaired and serviced causing delays, crops are damaged and become in higher demand causing higher produce costs, and more young drivers and accidents are on the road in the summer causing higher insurance premiums and gas prices. This infographic lays down the details about all of the various effects of summer on infrastructure, that in the end cost you extra money when trying to enjoy summer with the family.

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