If you’re constantly tossing, turning and falling out of bed at night, then you need a solution to keep you from hitting the floor. This is especially true for seniors because falling out of bed can result in broken bones or terrible bruises. While there are many bed rails on the market, perhaps one of the most useful and convenient is the Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail.


One of the primary features of this bed rail is its easy adjustability. This is a fairly novel concept when it comes to bed rails because only a handful of products offer it, and it makes the rail perfect for people of any height. At its smallest, the bed rail is 24 inches wide. That’s fine for some people, but taller people might still fall out of bed because their legs get around the rail.

You can easily adjust the rail to either 34 or 42 inches in width. Even the tallest sleepers will have a hard time getting around the rail when it’s at the widest setting. Adjusting the rail is easy. Just gently pull the grid and it will slide out and lock in place when it’s at the next setting. Unlike most other adjustable rails that must be removed and adjusted, this rail can be adjusted while the apparatus is still installed. This significantly improves the usefulness and versatility of the rail.

Weight Support

Like most other premium bed rails, this product is able to support a significant amount of weight. Customers who are 300 pounds or lighter will find that the bed rail stays secure regardless of sleeping conditions. At the same time, customers who are over 300 pounds may want to look for a specialty product because this bed rail is not rated for anyone who exceeds this weight limit.


The crux of every bed rail is the installation and security. If the rail is going to fall out with a gentle push, then it isn’t going to keep you from rolling out of bed. The Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail might take a little bit longer to install than most bed rails, but the entire process is easy and necessary. You just have to secure the rail to the horizontal support piece and strap it to the other side of the bed. Then slide the apparatus under the mattress and you’re finished. The installation should only take a few minutes.

Proper installation will ensure that the bed rail doesn’t move while you’re sleeping. You would have to move the entire mattress to get this rail to move, which means that the vast majority of sleepers will be quite safe with this product. All of the pieces that you need for installation are included in the package.


Adjustability is only one great feature that this product offers. Most bed rails must be removed when you get out of bed because they will block your path. The Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail has two buttons that, when pushed, will lower the rail so that you can easily get out of bed. Not only that, but the rail also acts as a bed handle if you need something to help hoist yourself out of bed.

This allows the bed rail to be a permanent solution, not one that you have to constantly remove and install before and after sleeping. Just install it once and you’re done. The bed handle feature is also perfect for anyone that just needs that extra bit of help.


While design is often the last thing that people look at when choosing a bed rail, it’s worth mentioning with this product. The majority of bed rails look like hospital equipment. No one wants to feel like they’re in a hospital. This product has a nice brown design that will work well with most beds. It will look like a good accessory that blends with your bed rather than contrast it like with most bed rails.

Price and Rating

The average price for the Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail is $98.62 with free shipping. This is also one of the highest rated products with 4.5 stars out of five. Most customers talked about how sturdy, useful and versatile the rail is, and they also praised the easy installation and adjustability.

Some negative comments said that the rail could have been higher. Others said that their mattresses weren’t thick enough for the bed rail, but they were able to make some adjustments so that the rail stayed secure.


If you want an amazing bed rail that is adjustable, highly rated and convenient, then the Standers EZ Adjust Bed Rail is one of the best products on the market. This permanent rail never has to be removed unless you want to move it, which makes it much easier to use than other rails. It’s also very secure and is guaranteed to keep you in bed while you’re sleeping. Not only that, but the design keeps it from looking like standard hospital equipment.

Alternative Bed Rail Product

Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail

This bed rail has a rating of five stars out of five and the price is $99.99. Much like the EZ Adjust Bed Rail, this product can adjust up to 30 inches in width. The frame is somewhat sturdier, and the installation is just as secure.

Healiohealth Telescoping Side Rails

The product has a rating of four stars out of five and it’s on sale for about $63. If you need a bed rail that is as secure as possible, then this is your best choice. Constructed from thick steel, these rails will cover the whole side of your bed. The rails are also adjustable in height.

Drive Medical Adjustable Bed Assist Handle

Customers have given this product a rating of 4.5 out of five stars, and the price is currently $32.88. This is perfect for people who just need a handle and not a full rail. While it won’t keep you from falling out of bed, it will help getting in or out of bed.

Drive Medical Deluxe Bed Rails

This bed rail has a rating of five stars out of five and sells for about $66. Made from steel, this rail will keep even the feistiest sleepers in bed. You can also buy a pair and install the rail on both sides of the bed.