Spectrum to Close Home Security Service, Some Recommendations for Customers

Spectrum is planning to close its home security service in February. Learn more about the details and provider recommendations for Spectrum customers.

Spectrum to Close Home Security Service, Some Recommendations for Customers

According to The Verge, Spectrum, part of Charter Communications, is closing down its home security service on February 5, 2020. What this means for customers with Spectrum home security equipment is that they won’t have access to the provider’s professional monitoring service any longer. Engadget reports that customers’ devices will still be able to function, but one of the larger purposes of home security systems is having access to monitoring in the event of emergencies.

This will also leave customers with home security equipment that can’t be used with other providers’ monitoring services. Spectrum’s firmware wasn’t designed to support other devices, causing the equipment to become un-useful.

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Spectrum Is Providing Discounts on Abode and Ring’s Home Security…

Spectrum Is Providing Discounts on Abode and Ring’s Home Security Services

On the brighter side, Spectrum is partnering with Abode and Ring to give customers discounts for their home security services. This is a positive move that customers can take advantage of.

  1. Best for Self-Monitoring

    Abode Security

    Our rating 9

    Starting at $20/mo

    Our take on Abode Home Security

    Abode is a budget-friendly option for tech-savvy individuals who are comfortable setting up and monitoring their own security systems. Its ample smart home integrations provide a good foundation for uniting all of your home automation devices.


    • Flexible monitoring plans
    • Option for short-term professional monitoring
    • Access to an all-in-one security system


    • Professional monitoring only available in highest tiered monitoring plan
    • Cellular backup not available in basic monitoring plan
    • Understanding custom home automation features could be difficult for some
  2. Best for Video Doorbells

    Ring Home Security

    Our rating 8.4

    Starting at $10/mo

    Our take on Ring Home Security

    Ring offers complete security systems, video doorbells, cameras and more for your home’s protection.The base security system comes with 5 pieces: a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender. This alarm security kit has a retail price of $199.00.

    What we like

    • Inexpensive equipment and professional monitoring
    • Easy to install
    • A range of security camera devices

    What we don’t like

    • Video recording not available without a Ring Protect Plan
    • Higher-tiered packages cover more area, but don’t add any features
    • Cellular backup not available without a Ring Protect Plan

When choosing a home security provider, it is important for customers to be mindful of how they want to arrange their services. While bundling can help them money, it may not be the best choice in the long-run, but this depends on each individual customer’s needs and goals.

If you’re a Spectrum customer and are looking for a home security system provider, here are some providers that we’d recommend:

For a Professionally Installed Security System

For a Professionally Installed Security System

For a professionally installed and monitored security system, ADT is a great option. ADT’s 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee and $500 Theft Protection Guarantee both work to ensure that customers are satisfied with their service.

  1. Best for Industry Experience

    ADT Home Security

    Our rating 8.3

    Starting at $45.99/mo

    Our take on ADT Home Security

    ADT Inc. stands apart as the home security company with the most experience and the best guarantee in the industry. That’s on top of certified monitoring centers and a competitive equipment lineup that includes intrusion protection, environmental monitoring, video surveillance and smart home automation.


    • 140+ years in business
    • 6-month money back guarantee
    • $500 Theft Protection guarantee


    • Contract required
    • No self-installation option
    • Mobile app access not available in basic package
For a DIY Security System

For a DIY Security System

If you’re looking for a home security system you can install yourself, SimpliSafe is a great option as well. With SimpliSafe, you’ll avoid an installation fee, and monthly monitoring is inexpensive.

  1. Best for Easy Installation

    SimpliSafe Security

    Our rating 9.3

    Starting at $14.99/mo

    Our take on SimpliSafe Home Security

    SimpliSafe could be considered a disrupter in the home security industry, because it was among the first to provide forward-thinking customer benefits like self-installation, self-monitoring, video verification and month-to-month pricing. Its generous 60-day risk-free trial helps ensure long-term customer satisfaction.


    • Inexpensive professional monitoring
    • Wireless equipment
    • Cellular monitoring


    • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan
    • No selection of smart home devices
    • Smart home capabilities not available in basic monitoring plan
For Lots of Smart Home Device Options

For Lots of Smart Home Device Options

For a range of smart home device options, check out Vivint. With Vivint, you can get a smart door lock, smart thermostat, and a garage door controller. Vivint also has several security camera options to choose from.

  1. Best for Smart Homes

    Vivint Security

    Our rating 7.7

    Starting at $29.99/mo

    Our take on Vivint Home Security

    Vivint offers all of today’s must-have home security features (professional monitoring, top-of-the-line equipment, home automation, mobile app access) with the added benefit of extensive smart home options and flexibility with your equipment and payment plan.


    • Flexible equipment configuration
    • Flexible payment options
    • Variety of cutting-edge smart home devices and features


    • Long contract if financing equipment
    • Expensive equipment cost
    • No DIY installation option

The best option for you and your family will hinge on your needs, budget, and goals. If you’d like to consider more options, we have a comparison of some of the top home security providers in the nation.


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