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Serving Texas’ largest metropolitan areas, Smith Thompson Home Security offers security packages starting at less than $20 per month. Choose from wireless and smart home packages. Rest at ease with 24/7 monitoring and personal service from a family-owned business.
Updated Oct 12, 2020
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What Sets Smith Thompson Home Security Apart?

The folks at the family-owned Smith Thompson Home Security company know what it’s like to be a burglary victim. When founder Mark Thompson’s father died in 1978, his family returned home from the funeral to find their house in shambles and their most valuable possessions stolen. Armed with personal experience and a desire to help other people avoid a similar loss, Thompson and his team have built a first-rate home security company, earning a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Smith Thompson serves the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, areas, with home security monitoring starting at just $16.95 per month.


  • Affordable packages
  • Available for homes and businesses
  • No contract


  • No video surveillance options
  • Additional charge for smartphone app
  • No 24/7 tech support

What is the best home security package for you?

Use our Package Finder to find the right package based on your home security needs!

Smith Thompson Home Security Packages

  • Wireless Monitoring

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    1- (888) 888-1695

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    Our Take

    The Wireless Monitoring package comes with the basic equipment needed to secure your home. It features wireless window and motion sensors to help you avoid the hassle and clutter of wiring and offers a very low monthly fee. As is, the package is a great option for one- or two-bedroom homes or apartments, but you might need to purchase additional equipment for larger homes.

    Package devices include:

    • 1 LCD keypad
    • Main control panel
    • Wireless sensor receiver
    • Siren with backup battery
    • 3 wireless door sensors
    • 1 motion or glass break sensor
    • Window stickers and yard sign

    Pricing notes:

    • $299 for equipment and $89 for installation
    • 1-year labor and parts warranty
    • No long-term contract
  • Wireless + Standard App

    Starting at
    1- (888) 888-1695

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    Our Take

    The Wireless + Standard App option includes everything in the Wireless Monitoring package and enables you to control your home security system from your smartphone. You’ll pay the same price for equipment and installation, and the same monthly monitoring rate, plus an additional monthly fee for the app. Even so, at less than $25 per month for home security, this package is a deal.

    Package devices include:

    • Everything included in the Wireless plan, plus
    • Mobile app access

    Pricing notes:

    • Same price and obligations as Wireless plan
    • Additional $6.99/mo. for mobile app access
  • Smart Home Security + Upgraded App

    Starting at
    1- (888) 888-1695

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    Our Take

    The Smart Home Security + Upgraded App package is a great option for tech savvy homeowners. Although equipment charges cost about $100 more than the other packages, you won’t pay an installation fee. And, at under $30 per month, you can enjoy round-the-clock monitoring for a sweet price.

    Package devices include:

    • 7-inch touchscreen security hub
    • Built-in Z wave hub and Wi-Fi router
    • Built-in computer board
    • Built-in wireless sensor receiver
    • Built-in siren, with backup battery
    • 3 encrypted wireless door sensors
    • 1 encrypted motion or glass break sensor
    • Window stickers and yard sign

    Pricing notes:

    • $399 for equipment, includes installation
    • 1-year labor and parts warranty
    • No long-term contract

Smith Thompson Home Security Equipment and Features

  • Smartphone Control App

    Available in two packages, Smith Thompson’s Smartphone Control App enables you to arm and disarm the system using your smartphone. The app uses the Teleguard LTE transmitters, enables you to view your event history and sends email or text notifications if your alarm is triggered.

  • LCD Keypad

    The slimline LCD Keypad is just 6-inches long, 4.5-inches tall and 1.75-inches deep. The keypad features door chime, panic and stay and away buttons, along with five function buttons.

  • Motion Detector

    The discreet Smith Thompson Motion Detector is just 4.25-inches long, 2.5-inches wide and 2.25-inches deep. The unit mounts six to seven feet above the floor and triggers when it senses motion in the room.

  • Glass Break Detector

    Smith Thompson’s Glass Break Detector listens for high frequency sounds associated with breaking glass and triggers the alarm. The small device is just 5.25-inches long, 2.25-inches wide and 1.25-inches deep.

  • Cellular Wireless Transmitter

    The Cellular Wireless Transmitter connects to the system’s main computer board and transmits signals to the dispatch center 24 hours per day.

  • Master Control Panel

    System wiring connects to the computer-driven Master Control Panel. The unobtrusive panel is 9.25-inches long, 8.25-inches wide and 3.25-inches deep.

  • Wireless Receiver Module

    Smith Thompson’s Wireless Receiver Module receives signals from wireless components such as door, glass break and motion sensors. The unit is 5.75-inches long, 4.25-inches wide and 1-inch deep.

  • Keyfob Remote

    The Keyfob Remote attaches to your keyring and enables you to arm, disarm or trigger the alarm with the click of a button.

  • Wireless Window and Door Sensors

    Wireless Window and Door Sensors attach to window frames and sills and doors and door frames and sound trigger the alarm when a window or door is opened. The small, discreet devices are 3-inches long, 1.25-inches tall and 1-inch deep.

  • Backup Battery

    The Backup Battery powers your Smith Thompson alarm system during a power outage. The small, 12-volt battery is 4-inches long, 3.5-inches wide and 2.75-inches deep.

  • Smoke and Heat Detectors

    Smoke and Heat Detectors sound the alarm in the event of a fire. To integrate smoke and heat detectors to your security system, your home must meet Texas fire code. This requires you to install monitored or hardware store variety unmonitored smoke detectors in every room of your home. Once you meet fire code regulations, Smith Thompson recommends adding one or two monitored smoke and heat detectors to your security system.

Compare Smith Thompson Home Security Packages

Wireless Monitoring

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Wireless + Standard App

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Smart Home Security + Upgraded App

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Equipment price starts at
$299 + $89 installation$299 + $89 installation$399, includes installation
Pro. monitoring starts at
$16.95/mo.$16.95/mo + $6.99/mo. app fee$29.95/mo.
Motion detection
Video surveillance
Not availableNot availableNot available
Smart home devices
Not availableNot availableSmart home hub

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