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Find out more about Yale smart locks and their features to find the perfect one for your home.
Updated Feb 1, 2021

Yale offers customers a number of options to get the smart lock they want. Start by choosing your smart lock based on its features. Then choose from a key-free lock with a traditional lever or door handle. You can also pick from a touchscreen keyed entry deadbolt, a traditional keypad or a standalone touchscreen keypad, Then, choose from four finishes – polished or antique brass, bronze or nickel. With plenty of options to choose from, Yale lets you create the smart lock you want. 

Yale Lock Types

Before you choose Yale’s battery-powered smart lock, think about what kind of smart lock you need for your home.
Lock touchscreenLever touchscreen key-freeLock keypadTouchscreen keypad
Physical keys included
Keypad type
Existing deadboltExisting knob or lever Existing deadboltExisting deadbolt

Compare Yale Smart Locks

Once you’ve narrowed down your smart lock type you can narrow down the features you want for your home. Keep in mind the price varies depending on your lock type and features. Here are the top options Yale offers:

Yale Assure Lock

Check Price

Nest x Yale Lock

Check Price
Price range
$168 - $299$249 - $279
Power source
Number of passcodes
Up to 25 Up to 20
Auto Relock
Yes Yes
Remote control
Backup charger
No Yes
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Nest Secure
Back-up charger
No Yes
  • Best Smart Deadbolt

    Yale Assure Lock

    Our rating

    Our take

    The Yale Assure Lock replaces your standard deadbolt and keys with a smart home control touchscreen keypad. You’ll also be able to create custom codes for family members. The Yale Assure Lock comes with Auto Relock to automatically lock the door behind you. It’s battery-powered and easy to install with a screwdriver and the BILT app. 

    Stand-out features include

    • Create customized codes for keyless access
    • Touchscreen keypad with backlight
    • Auto Relock to automatically lock
    • Battery-powered smart deadbolt
  • Nest x Yale Lock

    Our rating

    Our take

    The Next x Yale Lock is a tamper-proof smart lock that’s easy to control using the Nest mobile app. If you forget to lock the door, the mobile app sends an instant alert to remind you. You’ll be able to create up to 20 passcodes for family and friends. The Nest x Yale Lock comes with a backup charger to prevent lockouts if your batteries are low. It’s easy to install using a screwdriver, and the BILT mobile app. This smart lock also works with your Google Assistant and Nest products. It also comes with Nest Connect to control your smart lock from anywhere.

    Stand-out features include

    • Comes with Nest Connect
    • Works with Nest and Google Assistant
    • Create up to 20 passcodes
    • Built-in backup charger

Top 3 Yale Smart Locks Features

  • Auto Relock

    Yale smart locks are designed to automatically lock behind you using the Auto Relock feature. You can enable and disable this feature from the smart lock keypad. If the Auto Relock is disabled you’ll get an instant app alert reminding you that your door is unlocked. 

  • Keyless Entry

    No matter which Yale smart lock you use, each one is designed to give you keyless entry to your home. Whether it’s a traditional or touchscreen keypad, you won’t need to worry about a key. But Yale’s smart locks still give you the option to have them if you’d like. 

  • DIY Installation

    Yale smart locks are designed for easy self-installation without needing a technician. They’re battery-powered and only require a screwdriver for set-up. The Nest x Yale smart lock includes a built-in backup charger to continue to work when your batteries are low. 

Pricing for Yale Smart Locks

The average cost of a smart lock is around $200, which is right on par for a Yale smart lock. Their prices vary depending on the type of lock you choose. The Nest x Yale Lock gives you the option to include Nest Connect for remote control of your lock for a total of $279, but is cheaper if not included. Most Yale locks start at $169. 

Yale Mobile App

The Yale Connect mobile app is free and easy to use. It includes all of the top features to control your lock: 

  • Lock and unlock your door when you’re away from home 
  • Create and assign pin codes to family and friends
  • Create schedules for guests to use their codes 
  • Get instant alerts when your door is locked or unlocked
  • Get low battery alerts to keep your smart lock running smoothly

Warranties and Guarantees on Yale Smart Locks

Yale covers your smart lock’s mechanical parts for three years and the lock’s finishing for one year. Under the warranty, Yale will send a replacement lock or part of it – depending on the defect or issue. The customer is responsible for shipping costs. 

Yale also has a 14-day return policy if you’re not satisfied with your smart lock for a full refund with a receipt of purchase.

Yale Frequently Asked Questions

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