’s 2020 Slomin’s Shield Home Security Services Review

Slomin’s Shield has over 95 years in the home security industry and is known for its competitive pricing.
Updated Apr 15, 2021

An Overview of Slomin’s Shield Home Security Services

Since 1923, Slomin’s security has been a trusted provider of home services, including home security. The provider is known for its competitive pricing and whole-home smart security with home automation integrations. Our Slomin’s review of pricing, equipment and service will help determine the best provider and package for your family.

Slomin’s Shield: Our Pick for Competitive Pricing


5 out of 10


  • Plans start at $33.95/mo.
  • Upgrade to a $46.95/mo. plan for smartphone control
  • 5-year contract required

The package pricing with Slomin’s security is fairly straightforward (which is refreshing). The basic monitoring package costs $33.95/mo. and includes professional monitoring, a touchscreen control keypad, one motion detector and three door alarms. If you’d like to add smart home integrations, remote control and an indoor security camera, the upgraded package costs $44.96/mo. Compared to other providers, Slomin’s monitoring is average and about what you can expect, especially with other providers that require professional installation.

If you buy a Slomin system, the security provider also requires a five-year contract that’s two years longer than the industry standard of three years. If you end your contract early, you may be required to pay a fee for cancellation.

Stand-out Features

7 out of 10


  • Indoor camera shows real-time activity from your mobile device
  • Includes password protection to reduce false alarms

Slomin’s Shield’s home security offerings align with industry standards, but they do offer a few stand-out features for homeowners. Slomin’s indoor video camera allows you to speak with visitors using two-way audio. We like that with Slomin’s cameras, you’ll also be able to review up to five days of footage. 

We like that Slomin’s security also allows homeowners to create special passwords to share with their monitoring specialists to prevent false alarms and catch thieves if they speak with Slomin’s during a break-in.


8 out of 10


  • Motion detector and door alarms available with their basic monitoring package
  • Additional equipment available for an upgrade

We like that Slomin’s security has a wide range of home security equipment available to meet your needs. The basic home monitoring package comes with a motion detector, three door alarms, battery-back-up and yard signs. You also have the option to upgrade your system for an indoor video camera, a keychain remote and mobile access.


5 out of 10


  • A trained professional is required to set up your alarm system
  • No DIY installation available

Slomin’s security will probably be the best fit for those who prefer professional installation. Slomin’s will send a professional technician to evaluate your home’s safety needs and to install your equipment. With professional installation, you can be sure that your system is installed correctly and works properly. At this time, DIY installation is not available for Slomin’s customers.

Trial Period

5 out of 10


  • No advertised trial period
  • Warranty for equipment is offered

Slomin’s security has no advertised trial period to test and return equipment. For more information, you can contact a Slomin’s representative. The provider also has a warranty for your equipment to ensure your system functions as it should. The warranty length is not advertised online, but you can contact Slomin’s for more information.

How We Based Our Provider Ratings

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