Slomin’s Shield Security

Get the Slomin’s Shield® for your home with trusted security solutions and home automation features.

What Sets Slomin’s Apart?

Protecting homes for over 95 years, Slomin’s Shield Security is a family owned and operated business based out of Hicksville, NY. The Slomin’s Shield System® is comprised of the basics you need for intrusion protection, and you can upgrade your system with home automation capabilities and mobile app control.

With Slomin’s Z-Wave devices, you can create automated scenes like turning on your lights when the alarm is triggered. Slomin’s doesn’t charge for the equipment up front, instead, that cost is included with your monthly plan. Plans start at $33.95/mo for a five-year monitoring contract with the basic equipment package. To upgrade that package to include an indoor security camera and mobile app control, the price of monitoring is $46.95/mo. Home automation devices and features can be added at an additional price.

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What we like

  • No upfront cost for equipment

  • Create scenes with smart devices and security system

  • Optional home automation devices and features

What we don’t like

  • 5-year contract required

  • Early termination fees

  • Mobile app access not available with basic system

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Starting at $33.95/mo

Our take

You’ll get the essentials you need for protecting your home with the Slomin’s Shield System®. With a control panel, sensors and signage, you’ll be able to monitor up to 3 doors and one main area. Professional monitoring for the basic Slomin’s Shield System® is $33.95/mo.

You may upgrade this system to include mobile app access and an indoor security camera for $46.96/mo. To add on additional home automation or security devices, you can upgrade this package for an additional cost.

Package Features

  • LCD control panel
  • 3 door contact sensors
  • 1 motion sensor

Slomin’s Equipment and Features

Control panel

Video camera

Motion detector

Light control

Mobile app

Control panel

The LCD control panel features an easy-to-use keypad for arming and disarming. A backlit screen enhances readability. You can have a second control panel installed on another floor and get key remotes by contacting a Slomin’s representative.

Video camera

Check on your loved ones with the Slomin’s indoor security camera. You can view and speak with them through two-way communication, watch recordings for activity in your home and review up to five days of recorded footage.

Motion detector

Detect any movement in your home with the motion detector. It is ideal to place your motion detector in expansive rooms to help you secure your home.

Light control

Manage your lights with the Slomin’s light control module. You’ll be able to turn on or off your lights remotely as well as dim them to create the right environment.

Mobile app

Access your home security system and smart home devices at the tips of your fingers with the Slomin’s mobile app. This app is installable on both Android and iOS smartphones. Upgrade the Slomin’s Shield System® for mobile app access.

Slomin’s Alarm Prices


Learn more
Basic system monitoring price $33.95/mo.
Basic system motion Detection Yes
Mobile app control Upgrade to $46.95/mo. professional monitoring plan
Video surveillance Upgrade to $46.95/mo. professional monitoring plan
Smart home devices & features Contact representative to upgrade
Life safety features Contact representative to upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions About Slomin’s

Can I install my Slomin’s Shield® security system?

No, Slomin’s sends out a trained professional to assess your home and setup your system for you. With a professional installation, you can be confident that your system is set up properly.

Do I have to pay anything for my equipment?

No, there is no upfront cost you’ll have to pay for the Slomin’s Shield System®, though you do need to sign a lengthy contract. You’ll only have to pay monthly monitoring fees, and if you decide to end your service early, you’ll have to pay an early termination .

Will I be able to take my Slomin’s Shield System® with me if I move?

Yes, you can take your security system with you if you move and maintain your monitoring plan. If you are unable to take your system with you, there are few options: You can leave it in your old home for the new homeowner and Slomin’s will install a new one for you for $395.00, or you can transfer your service agreement to the new homeowner and get a new Slomin’s system installed in your home for free. Learn more about the provider’s moving policy here on their website.

Jalesa Campbell

Written by your home security specialist

Jalesa Campbell