outdoor alarm sirens warn of intrudersOutdoor sirens and strobe sirens are often overlooked in favor of silent alarm systems. Yet, the very point of an alarm is to make an emergency situation known. What better way to do so than to stimulate the senses through a loud siren and a bright, flashing strobe? Mounting an outdoor siren and strobe serves several worthwhile purposes. First and foremost it is an in-your-face deterrent to an intruder who knows the home is protected and that he’s been detected. Because the sirens are not easily ignored, the situation will alert neighbors as well as anyone inside the home to warn them of the danger. The strobe, specifically, can help locate the site of the danger, whether by a concerned neighbor or emergency services, especially on a dark night.

Best Outdoor Sirens

1. SECO-LARM SL-126Q/B Blue Security Strobe Light
This outdoor security strobe light is a favorite among homeowners; it has an extremely bright light that is highly visible from long distances, a light life of 300-500 hours, easy installation and attractive bright blue color.

2. Potter/Amseco SSX-52 Indoor/Outdoor Self-Contained Siren
This siren is ideal for homeowners who want a specific set of features for their siren alarm. Among the features this product offers are a great anti-tamper design, easy installation, flexibility for indoor/outdoor use, and a very loud alarm sound with blue strobe.

3. Z-wave Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless
This siren strobe alarm is a great introduction to siren and strobe warning systems, for homeowners who are just starting to experiment with non discreet home security measures. This siren is easy to install and fully programmable with Z-Wave Smart Controllers to provide audible and visual alarm based on your Home Automation and /or Security Network settings.

4. Streetwise Strobe Motion Alarm and Chime with Remote
This Streetwise strobe alarm has a unique design, as well as some other stand-out features such as a remote to arm and disarm, a loud 120dB alarm with strobe light, and the ability to detect motion from up to 30 feet away by 120 degree wide.


5. Fortrezz SSA- Siren / Strobe Alarm Module
This siren is suitable for homeowners who already have a Z-Wave compatible security system in place, since the Z-Wave technology allows for full operation with other Z-Wave enabled devices. But even as a standalone unit, it can be installed in minutes, and creates a strong, loud alarm and siren to deter intruders.

How an Outdoor Siren Works

Like any home security system component, the outdoor siren and strobe warning siren are connected to the control panel, either through hardwiring or wirelessly. Depending on which sensor the siren and strobe are programmed to detect, they will pick up the signal from the smoke detector or the glass break sensor, for example, that triggers it to sound and strobe. The siren and strobe may be programmed to indicate each of its triggers uniquely, meaning the fire siren would be different from the burglary siren.

How to Choose an Outdoor Warning Siren

There are many features to outdoor sirens that can make them a useful and effective addition to your home security system. Before you consider outdoor alarm sirens, however, be sure to check with your local police or city hall about noise ordinances in your community. When choosing, look for one with a durable, weather resistant housing since it will be exposed to the elements. If extreme temperatures are likely, look for one that can handle them. Outdoor sirens are best mounted at the front of the house for optimal sound and visibility, so be sure to choose one that is visually pleasing. In addition, consider these features:

  • Single or twin sounders, usually 105 to 115 decibels
  • Battery backup
  • Low operating voltage to save energy
  • LED light indicator for low batter, tampering, AC failure
  • Color options, usually red, orange, blue, yellow
  • Combination siren and strobe
  • Unique sounds for fire and burglary
  • Programmable siren duration

Who Benefits from Outdoor Sirens?

Outdoor sirens and strobe sirens can be an important protective device in most any home security system. Since the point of this type of alarm is to grab attention to an emergency by being seen and heard in a big way, it would only make sense in a home that is close enough to other residences and neighbors who could be helpful in protecting your home and family members. That said, it would be worthwhile to consider an outdoor siren and strobe siren if you are a:

  • Homeowner who wants to stop a criminal in his tracks before a crime takes place
  • Homeowner who feels confident your neighbors will help in an emergency situation
  • Homeowner who wants your home immediately visible to emergency services when you need it most