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SimpliSafe’s security system truly simplifies home protection with easy-to-use equipment and professional monitoring without lengthy contracts and hidden fees.
Updated Feb 1, 2021


SimpliSafe’s wireless security equipment comes pre-configured and ready to use out of the box to help protect your home immediately. The equipment is easy to set-up with adhesive and plugs into any standard wall outlet. And you’ll worry less about hackers with SimpliSafe’s built-in cellular connection, private networks and your trusted Wi-Fi network for the best data protection and privacy.

SimpliSafe Equipment & Features

Base station

 Simplisafe’s base station listens triggered sensors throughout your home and shares your equipment’s activity. The base station announces instant verbal alerts when a sensor is triggered for your convenience. If a burglary is detected, the base station instantly alerts the monitoring center for help and sounds an alarm to deter burglars. The base station plugs into any standard wall outlet anywhere in your home and includes a 24-hour backup battery to continue to protect your home during a power outage for your safety.

Wireless keypad

Use the SimpliSafe wireless keypad to arm and disarm your system anywhere in your home. The keypad includes a built-in panic button and high-decibel alarm to deter burglars during a break-in. The keypad’s alarm will sound while the Base Station signals the monitoring center for help. And, if your keypad is damaged by intruders, the alarm system will continue to work and notify police. The keypad can be placed anywhere in the home using adhesive instead of wires and wall outlets.

Motion sensors

SimpliSafe motion sensors detect heat from people and pets inside your home. The motion sensors work in both ‘Home’ mode to eliminate false alarms when you’re home and ‘Away’ mode to detect suspicious activity when you’re at work or on vacation. SimpliSafe motion sensors spot movement up to 30 feet away and are pet-friendly for pets weighing less than 50 pounds to roam freely without the worry of false alarms. If sensors are triggered by a break-in, the alarm will sound and alert the SimpliSafe monitoring center for help.

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Entry sensors

If a door or window is opened, SimpliSafe’s entry sensors will automatically alert you. When the Simplisafe security system is disarmed, you’ll receive a chime to alert you if a door is opened. And, if your system is armed, the entry sensor will automatically sound an alarm and alert the monitoring center. SimpliSafe’s entry sensors are easy to control using your mobile device and keychain remote and can be applied using adhesive to any entrance.


The indoor SimpliSafe camera keeps an eye on your home at all times. Simply use your smartphone and the SimpliSafe mobile app to watch real-time motion-triggered activity any time. The SimpliCam includes a 120-degree field of view angle and HD video quality. It’s equipped with night vision for crystal clear footage in the dark and motion detection to spot any movement and instantly sends a push notification in real-time. You’ll be able to record, share and store up to 30 days of your home’s video footage.

Doorbell Pro

SimpliSafe’s video doorbell sends a mobile notification when motion is detected or someone rings your doorbell. It’s built with two-way audio to clearly speak to guests and infrared night vision to see activity in the dark. When guests arrive, you’ll be able to pan and zoom in for a close-up view via smartphone instead of a peephole. The doorbell’s camera has a 162-degree wide-angle field of view to see your home’s vicinity with ease. And, to avoid false alarms the Video Doorbell Pro is designed to ignore motion from passing cars and pets.

Smoke detector

SimpliSafe’s smoke detector uses photoelectric sensors to detect any signs of smoldering smoke or fire in your home for a fast fire alert. If smoke is spotted, the detector will sound a high-decibel alarm and send instant mobile notifications using the SimplISafe app. The SimpliSafe monitoring center will also send emergency responders to your home.

SimpliSafe Home Security Mobile App

SimpliSafe’s free mobile app comes with a list of perks to help monitor your home’s security at all times using a mobile device. Use the SimpliSafe Home Security app with iOS and Android mobile devices to:
  • Arm and disarm the SimpliSafe security system

  • Watch and record real-time SimpliCam footage

  • Review your security system’s activity log

  • Receive motion-detected alerts from the Video Doorbell Pro, SimpliCam and sensors

Enhance your Home Security with Professional Monitoring

SimpliSafe offers professional monitoring to watch over your home and respond to triggered sensors immediately on your behalf. SimpliSafe monitoring professionals will alert you and emergency responders in the case of burglaries or suspicious activity. Professional monitoring for SimpliSafe home security is available in two plans – Standard and Interactive.

Ready to protect your home with SimpliSafe equipment?

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