SimpliSafe Home Security

Protecting over 3 million customers, SimpliSafe offers a range of wireless, DIY home security solutions.

What Sets SimpliSafe Security Apart?

SimpliSafe Security secures over 3 million American homes, providing intrusion protection, home environmental monitoring, home automation capabilities and more. Known for its affordable professional monitoring plans, SimpliSafe offers a range of DIY home security system packages you can choose from. Whether you rent or own a home, you’re likely to find a SimpliSafe package that will fit your needs. SimpliSafe offers three packages:  The Essentials, The Hearth and The Barrington. With SimpliSafe, you’ll have to purchase your equipment up front. In addition to equipment, you can also purchase optional professional monitoring with a monthly or yearly subscription. You can choose between the Standard, Interactive or Pro Superior monitoring plans with SimpliSafe. The cost of SimpliSafe home security monitoring ranges from $14.99/mo. – $35.10/mo. Although SimpliSafe doesn’t feature a range of smart home devices, you can opt for smart home capabilities through your choice of monitoring plan. See how SimpliSafe stacks up as one of the best home security system providers.

SimpliSafe Security Equipment

What We Like

  • Inexpensive professional monitoring

  • Wireless equipment

  • Cellular monitoring

What We Don’t Like

  • Mobile alerts not available in the basic monitoring plan

  • No selection of smart home devices

  • Smart home capabilities not available in basic monitoring plan

SimpliSafe Packages and Costs

SimpliSafe security systems feature the basic equipment you need for monitoring activity inside your home. You’ll also find packages that include a smoke detector for home environmental monitoring as well as a handy key fob for easy arming and disarming. You can add on additional devices like the SimpliCam, an extra siren, smart lock, and more. Here’s a look at several products you’ll find with SimpliSafe.

The Essentials

Starting at $14.99/mo

Our take

If you’re only looking for the basics to secure your home, choose The Essentials package. The motion sensor can cover areas of 30 feet and can be mounted on a wall or set on a shelf. The entry sensors will chime to let you know when a door or window is opened. The Essentials Package retails for $259.95.

Package Devices Include:

  • 1 SimpliSafe base station
  • 1 SimpliSafe keypad
  • 3 entry sensors
  • 1 motion sensor

The Hearth

Starting at $14.99/mo

Our take

Get smoke detection and a loud 105dB siren (that’s about as loud as a table saw!) with The Hearth package. With this additional alarm, intruders aren’t likely to continue with their plans. A smoke detector adds essential life safety measures, and with built-in photoelectric sensors, this device is designed to react faster in the event of a fire. You can purchase The Hearth package at retail price for $374.91.

Package Devices Include:

  • All of the features in The Essentials Package
  • 1 smoke detector
  • 1 key fob

The Barrington

Starting at $14.99/mo

Our take

Add video surveillance to your home with The Barrington package. This package comes with a SimpliCam indoor camera, key fob, panic button and the essentials for security. The SimpliCam features HD video and night vision, so you’ll receive alerts whenever activity is detected in your home, day or night. You can purchase The Barrington package at retail price for $388.93.

Package Devices Include:

  • All of the features in The Essentials Package except 1 entry sensor
  • 1 key fob
  • 1 panic button
  • SimpliCam indoor camera

Not sure which SimpliSafe package is right for you?

SimpliSafe Features and Equipment

SimpliSafe offers premier security hardware with sleek and modern designs. SimpliSafe’s equipment comes pre-configured and ready to use out of the box so you can begin protecting your home easily and quickly.

SimpliSafe Monitoring Plans

SimpliSafe offers affordable home security equipment and easy DIY installation. SimpliSafe’s monitoring costs starts at $14.99/mo. Compared to other top home security providers, SimpliSafe has one of the lowest monthly monitoring costs. SimpliSafe offers two monitoring plans: Standard and Interactive. The Standard plan costs $14.99 per month and provides you with basic home security monitoring. As the next step up, the Interactive plan goes up to $35.10 per month and gives you more comprehensive security monitoring with features like camera recording and mobile access.

Top 3 SimpliSafe Features

No Contracts

You won’t be locked into SimpliSafe’s monitoring service and can cancel at any time.

Equipment Package Variety

Choose from a selection of equipment packages to fit your home’s security needs. 

Smart Home Connectivity

SimpliSafe works with Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and more.

Compare SimpliSafe Packages

The Essentials The Hearth
Upfront equipment cost starts at $259.95 $374.91
24/7 professional monitoring Optional Optional
Pro. monitoring starts at $14.99/mo. $14.99/mo.
Motion detection Yes Yes
Home environmental monitoring No Yes
Security camera No No
Smart devices Purchase separately Purchase separately
Mobile app access & control Available with Interactive and Pro Superior monitoring plans Available with Interactive and Pro Superior monitoring plans

Why We Recommend the Barrington

We recommend the Barrington Package as it will provide you with intrusion detection and home video surveillance. You’ll also get the SimpliSafe Panic Button which allows you to immediately trigger your security system’s siren while you’re home. This feature is good in the event an intruder breaks in while you’re home and your system isn’t armed. You can also set your panic button to “silent alarm” which allows you to alert the authorities without alerting the intruder.

SimpliSafe Monitoring Cost

Monitoring for SimpliSafe packages starts at $14.99 and goes up to $35.10 a month. The Standard Plan costs $14.99/mo., and you’ll have access to cellular monitoring providers over Verizon and T-Mobile cellular networks, as well as environmental monitoring for hazards like fires, flooding and freezing.

SimpliSafe Installation

SimpliSafe security systems are designed to be self-installed. One benefit of purchasing a self-installed or DIY security system is that you’ll be able to avoid an installation fee. You also won’t have to set aside time off for an installation technician to visit your home. SimpliSafe claims that their security system can be set up in minutes without any tools. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable successfully installing your security system, you can have a technician to install it for you for $79.00 (purchasing the Pro Superior Monitoring Plan will provide you with free professional installation). SimpliSafe also provides online user manuals to help with setting up your system and devices.

Not sure which SimpliSafe package is right for you?

SimpliSafe Mobile App

You can download the SimpliSafe mobile app for free through Google Play and the App Store. The app will allow you to easily arm and disarm your security system, and if you have a SimpliSafe camera-enabled device, you can check in to view live video with any SimpliSafe monitoring plan. The app will also keep you alert of detected activity with notifications.

Remote arming & disarming

Arm or disarm your SimpliSafe security system with the tap of your finger.

Live video streaming

See what’s happening inside or outside your home with live video streaming for SimpliSafe camera-enabled devices.

Get notifications

Stay in the loop with alerts whenever activity is detected at home.

How Does SimpliSafe Monitoring Work?

SimpliSafe’s home security monitoring allows you extra peace of mind about your home’s protection. Upon your SimpliSafe security sensors being triggered, your siren will sound in your home. Next, your Base Station wirelessly contacts the SimpliSafe monitoring center to report the disturbance. The operator at SimpliSafe’s monitoring center will then contact you and any others you submitted as additional contacts. If you do not cancel the alarm with your designated Safe Word, the SimpliSafe operator will send police or fire fighters to your home.

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SimpliSafe Security FAQs

A couple using a laptop

Does SimpliSafe require a contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract for SimpliSafe’s services. You can purchase your equipment upfront or elect for financing through PayPal Credit. If you add on SimpliSafe monitoring to your package, you can opt out whenever you choose.

Can a professional help me install my SimpliSafe security system?

Yes, if you don’t feel comfortable installing your SimpliSafe security system, you can have a professional install it for you for $79.00. If, however, you purchase the Pro Superior Monitoring Plan, professional installation is free.

Is there a SimpliSafe installation fee?

No, there is no fee for SimplISafe installation.

I don’t feel comfortable installing my system. Can a professional install it for me?

Yes, SimpliSafe offers optional professional installation if you don’t feel comfortable installing your security system. You can have an approved technician install it for $79.00.

How much does SimpliSafe professional monitoring cost?

SimpliSafe professional monitoring ranges from $14.99/mo. – $35.10/mo. Professional monitoring with SimpliSafe is inexpensive compared to other providers.

Can SimpliSafe work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, SimpliSafe works with Amazon Alexa.

Can SimpliSafe work with Google Assistant?

Yes, SimpliSafe works with Google Assistant.

Can SimpliSafe work with Apple Watch?

Yes, SimpiSafe works with Apple Watch.

Do SimpliSafe security systems feature battery backup in case my power goes out?

Yes, SimpliSafe security systems feature battery backup for up to 24 hours in the event your power goes out. SimpliSafe systems also come with a cellular connection for double the security in the event of power outages.

What is SimpliSafe’s return policy?

SimpliSafe has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your system. The provider will cover the cost of shipping on your return as well. Give SimpliSafe a call at 1-(800)-297-1605 to have someone assist you with your return.

SimpliSafe Customer Service Information

If you need assistance with your existing SimpliSafe service, you can reach customer service by:


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