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SimpliSafe vs. Deep Sentinel

SimpliSafe vs. Deep Sentinel Home Security Review

SimpliSafe vs. Deep Sentinel Home Security Review

Compare SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel to see which home security solution is the best for you.

SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel are both popular home security providers. Both companies provide security options such as video surveillance and home automation equipment. However, they offer different customer experiences as they take a different approach to home security. SimpliSafe is a trusted name in the DIY home security sector and is ideal for those looking to install the equipment themselves. Deep Sentinel also offers DIY installation but with a unique way of dealing with security threats at your home.

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Deep Sentinel Home Security Review

Compare SimpliSafe vs. Deep Sentinel Home Security Review

Each of these companies offers something different for its customers. SimpliSafe specializes in affordable DIY home security options, offering a lot of flexibility. With equipment choices, installation options and monitoring options, you can tailor your package in a way that suits you. Deep Sentinel offers less flexibility but excels when it comes to its technology, which aims to stop a threat before it turns into a crime. When potential intruders are detected, it sends a signal to a guard at Deep Sentinel. This guard can then speak directly to the intruder to deter them from committing the crime or take other actions.

Trial Period

Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe wins in this category due to its 60-day trial period. If you are not happy with SimpliSafe, it will send you a prepaid return label so you can get a full refund on the equipment. Deep Sentinel only offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Winner: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe offers a month-to-month agreement in place of a rigid contract. This provides greater flexibility for customers. Deep Sentinel offers the same but only after you have completed an initial 12-month agreement.


Winner: SimpliSafe

While Deep Sentinel’s equipment is impressive, SimpliSafe wins due to the variety of equipment on offer. SimpliSafe can provide doorbell cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors and entry sensors. Deep Sentinel relies heavily on its wireless camera and does not offer additional equipment like a control panel, home environmental monitoring devices, and smart home devices.


Winner: SimpliSafe

For professional monitoring costs, SimpliSafe is tough to beat. With prices from just $14.99 a month, SimpliSafe is one of the most affordable home security providers out there. Deep Sentinel’s $60-a-month price is steep in comparison. The upfront cost for SimpliSafe’s equipment also starts from $183 compared to Deep Sentinel’s $399 price.


Winner: SimpliSafe

Both security companies offer DIY installation of security equipment. However, if you are not comfortable installing it yourself, SimpliSafe does offer a professional option for $79. Deep Sentinel does not currently offer professional installation options.

Professional Monitoring

Winner: Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel’s approach to monitoring is unique in the industry. When intruders are detected, the system notifies a live guard. This guard can speak with the intruder, set off alarms remotely or contact the authorities. SimpliSafe’s monitoring uses motion sensors to contact responders, but there isn’t a live guard service.

Our Home Security Review Winner: SimpliSafe

Both security companies are competitive, but SimpliSafe wins in most categories. SimpliSafe offers a combination of great equipment options and flexible agreements at low prices. It is a great option for those looking for flexibility, value and DIY installation. Deep Sentinel has more limited options in terms of equipment and packages in addition to higher prices for monitoring and equipment. However, if you are looking to have a live guard on hand, Deep Sentinel is a great option.

SimpliSafe Security

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Deep Sentinel

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Monitoring starts at $60/mo.
Minimum contract length 1 year
Trial period 30 days
Installation type DIY
Guarantees 30-Day-Money-Back Gaurantee
Warranty 1 year (can be extended)
BBB Rating NR
Safety score 8
Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel Home Security

Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel Home Security

What kind of equipment packages do SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel offer?

SimpliSafe offers a range of packages, which start with basic motion sensors and a security hub. The higher packages offer items such as doorbell cameras and smoke detectors. Deep Sentinel only offers two packages, the Front Door 1-Cam Kit and the 6-Camera Kit.

What kind of monitoring plans do SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel offer?

SimpliSafe’s monitoring plans start from $14.99 per month. Deep Sentinel’s professional monitoring, which alerts live guards if an intruder approaches your home, is priced at $60 per month.

Do either SimpliSafe or Deep Sentinel offer the ability to self-monitor your own security system, or is professional monitoring required?

SimpliSafe offers the ability to self-monitor which can be a great way to keep costs down. Deep Sentinel only offers professional monitoring currently.

Are either SimpliSafe or Deep Sentinel a good choice for renters?

While both SimpliSafe and Deep Sentinel offer DIY home security systems, SimpliSafe may be the better choice for renters due to its no-contract setup. Deep Sentinel requires a one-year contractual agreement for customers, meaning you’ll have to be committed to the company for at least one year, unlike with SimpliSafe.

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