SimpliSafe Launches Multi-View for Security Cameras + Entryway Kit

Are you ready for this? SimpliSafe has released multi-view for its security cameras and has an entryway kit for catching intruders. Check out the details in this piece.

SimpliSafe Launches Multi-View for Security Cameras + Entryway Kit

Multi-View Video Surveillance for Your SimpliSafe Cameras

Are you ready to take your home video surveillance to the next level?

SimpliSafe has deployed a new feature:  multi-view monitoring for its security cameras. And the best part is that you won’t need to purchase a professional monitoring plan to access this feature. One of the biggest benefits of this feature, according to TechHive, is that you’ll be able to view “up to 10 feeds simultaneously if you wish.”  No more checking each camera one at time. So, if you have a SimpliCam indoor camera and the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, you can check in to see what’s happening indoors and outdoors. 

If you don’t have a SimpliSafe monitoring plan, you could enjoy additional features like smart home integration with Alexa, Apple Watch, and more in addition to storage for your footage and more. Check out the plans that SimpliSafe has to offer if you want to add on these features.


Catch Intruders with SimpliSafe’s Entryway Kit

Lastly, SimpliSafe also has an Entryway Kit that’s available for purchase online and in certain Best Buy stores.  The kit comes with the SimpliSafe base station, keypad, an entry sensor, and the Video Doorbell Pro. You’ll have all of the features you need for securing an entryway if someone breaks in. The video doorbell is an added bonus, giving you access to footage to help with identification.

SimpliSafe is making waves in the home security industry. We’ll continue to keep an eye (and an ear out) for any more product and feature releases from the provider.

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