Safewatch cellguard by ADT

Our home is likely our biggest investment in terms of money and time. Most importantly, though, it houses our valuables, our memories, and our family. So, protecting our home and keeping our families safe is something many of us prioritize by having a home security system. Including a monitoring service along with that system makes good sense. A monitoring service ensures the security system you’ve worked so carefully to customize to the specific requirements of home and family does its job.

That 24/7 watch, invaluable as it is, relies on a connection to the homeowner, typically through a telephone landline. If for some reason—downed power lines, storm, construction—that route fails, it’s good to know there’s a backup plan available so your monitoring protection is never interrupted. ADT’s Safewatch CellGuard connects your home security system to its customer monitoring center via cellular network. This provides homeowners a backup plan in case landline service is disrupted. And, in today’s increasing cellular age, Safewatch CellGuard makes monitoring services available to homeowners who don’t have a landline.

How Safewatch CellGuard Works

ADT’s Safewatch CellGuard is offered as an optional upgrade to its wide range of home security devices and packages. Using cellular technology to connect your home security system’s monitoring with ADT’s network of command centers, Safewatch CellGuard requires the installation of a cellular transmitter on your property, which allows communication with ADT.  CellGuard provides the same reliability and 24/7 monitoring you have come to expect from your landline service.

Who is Safewatch CellGuard For?

Because Safewatch CellGuard provides home security system monitoring to homeowners who rely solely on cell phone service, as well as homeowners who want back-up protection for their landline telephone service, CellGuard can benefit everybody who has an ADT home security system, as well as those who are considering an ADT package.

CellGuard may be right for your ADT home security package if:

  • Your home does not have a telephone landline, and relies on cell phone service
  • You want the added security of knowing your current landline connection with your monitoring service is backed up by cell phone communication
  • You have experienced landline telephone service disruption and the resulting breach in home security monitoring is a concern
  • You live in an area where landline disruption is frequent, such as those prone to storms and other emergencies that threaten phone lines
  • You want the constant connection to your home security monitoring service, which cell phone communication provides, even when you’re not home

How to add CellGuard to Your ADT Home Security Package

 It’s easy to add CellGuard to most ADT residential home security packages.

  1. Make sure you’re an ADT customer – to learn more about becoming a customer call 888-515-3433
  2. Once you’re a customer call ADT’s home security customer service number at 866-746-7238
  3. Listen for voice commands to connect you with a customer service representative
  4. Tell the representative you are interested in adding CellGuard to your ADT home security package
  5. Schedule an appointment to have a technician come to your home to install the CellGuard transmitter
  6. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and family’s safety will be monitored even when telephone landlines fail