Ring Doorbell Not Charging? Here’s What You Can Do

Kristina Byas
Updated Mar 2, 2021
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The Ring Doorbell has granted many access to an affordable, quality home security system, but when your doorbell isn't functioning properly, how safe can you keep your home? 

The Ring Doorbell is a smart doorbell designed by Ring, a home securities company owned by Amazon. There are 6 Ring doorbells to choose from, with each model coming equipped with a variety of features, including motion detection, on-demand video and audio, and infrared night vision. 

Users can mount their units wherever they see fit, although the front door is the ideal location because the doorbell will be able to detect motion, notify you on your phone, tablet, or computer, and allow you to see, hear, and speak to whoever may be at your door whether they are an expected or unexpected visitor. While the Ring Doorbell can give people peace of mind, users face common issues when utilizing this technology that may keep them from truly enjoying what the doorbell has to offer. 

Common Issues Ring Doorbell Users Experience With Their Units

When using the Ring Doorbell, users have often faced network and/or power-related issues. 


  • Poor video quality
  • No app notifications/delayed app notifications
  • Live view not connecting or taking longer than usual to connect


  • Freezing of live events
  • Loss of Wifi connection
  • Regularly powers down
  • Night vision not functioning

What Can Users Do When Experiencing Power-Related Issues?

Issues with power and battery charging are serious because when your Ring Doorbell is not charging, it prevents homeowners from being able to successfully keep a watchful eye on their home. 

This specific type of doorbell uses a lithium-ion battery. Ring Doorbell users can choose to have their unit operate off the battery or have it hardwired, which will then allow the doorbell to be connected to an alternate power source that will charge the battery automatically. When opting to have the Ring powered by battery, users will have to remove the unit from its mount and recharge the battery using a USB power source. 

Although users can experience difficulty with their units, there are actually a number of things that can cause your batteries not to charge. 

App displaying incorrect battery life measurement

Your Ring app displays the doorbell's battery life, but it doesn't always update after you recharge your battery. If you are sure your battery has been charged, but the app is not showing the correct battery life, simply do a couple of test rings. The app should update and reflect the correct battery life, showing you if the unit is actually charged or not. 

Hot/Cold Weather 

The Ring Doorbells are designed to withstand the elements, but there are limits. Safe operating temperatures range from -5°F to 120°F, but Ring's website specifically points out three temperatures that can cause issues with the unit's battery and potentially affect its charging: 36°F, 32°F, and -5°F. Depending on the temperature, the battery may have difficulty holding a charge, won't charge, or will stop working until temperatures increase or decrease. 

When battery issues occur due to cold or hot temperatures, users should: 

  • Remove device and bring inside to recharge once it reaches room temperature. (When your unit is too cold or too hot, on-board software prevents charging in an attempt to avoid damage.)
  • Monitor unit's battery life and the outdoor temperature. 
  • Ensure the battery is charged to 100% before remounting the device.

Faulty unit

Unfortunately, issues with the battery or charging may also occur due to a faulty unit. Ring has a limited 1 year warranty, starting the date of purchase, that will allow users to get their faulty unit replaced or repaired. However, the decision to replace or repair is up to Ring's discretion, so there is no guarantee that a new device will be sent in place of the faulty one.  

Additional Considerations When Your Ring Doorbell Is Experiencing Power-Related Issues

As mentioned above, certain models of the Ring Doorbell allow users to hardwire their unit. When power-related issues occur such as the unit not charging, consider an alternate power source. With the Ring Doorbell not depending on batteries, hardwiring doesn't require you to remove the unit from its mount to charge the battery. However, even though the battery will be charged automatically, the temperature and activity can still affect its charging. 

It is not uncommon for a Ring Doorbell to experience power-related issues. Luckily, when your unit is not charging, there are several reasons this may be occurring. With a bit of troubleshooting, you may be able to confirm if the lack of charge is due to the app not reflecting the correct battery life, changes in temperature, or the unit being faulty.

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