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Ring and Alloy SmartHome Partnership for Self-Guided Home Tours

Sean Jackson
Updated Apr 20, 2021
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The COVID-19 Pandemic Created a Surge in Self-Guided Tours

COVID-19 altered the way people shopped for houses, with many opting to do self-guided tours. Zenplace, a manufacturer of smart, automated lockboxes and self-guided tours, saw interest in its products increase by 293% in March of 2020 alone.


Ring and Alloy Partnership Comes at the Right Time

With many prospective homeowners doing self-guided tours, keeping them secured is paramount. The partnership between home security company Ring and home automation company Alloy SmartHome can give homeowners peace of mind as they shop for their dream home. We’ll explore how the partnership works, ways it keeps you safe when browning a vacant house, and best practices you can employ when doing self-guided home tours.


Creating a Secured Way to View Houses

Many real estate companies are offering their customers an alternative to face-to-face contact: self-guided tours. How this works is you find a property you want to see in person, then you contact the realtor. 

The property company will do a screening. It involves gathering basic information like your name, address, phone number, and more. Some might require a copy of your photo I.D. Once the screening is complete, they will provide you with a code to enter the home. After finishing your viewing, you enter a code to lock it as you leave.

However, this can make some prospective homebuyers uncomfortable. If you are shopping by yourself, going into an empty property might not feel that secure. Plus, if the property company uses the same codes for each prospective buyer, it could create a situation where people can access the home as they please. 

This is where the partnership between Alloy SmartHome and Ring can put you at peace. 


Smart Home Automation Meets Home Security

SmartRent’s Alloy SmartHome specializes in self-guided tours for property managers. It gives them a way to control a home’s access through the SmartRent Community Manager interface. As the developer, you can assign access based on the type of guests. Maintenance can have permanent codes to enter the home, whereas prospective buyers can receive a temporary code that expires after a specified time. For home buyers, this gives you confidence your access code is unique. 

Adding to your peace of mind is Ring. Ring specializes in alarm systems that will notify the owner of any breaches via texts. The system is easy to use and allows property owners to set times to arm and disarm the system that coincides with self-guided tours. The system also comes with motion sensors that detect and report any movement when the system is armed. That way, the property remains safer at all times. 

Combined, this allows property owners to have access to security, lighting, locks, and temperature controls on their smartphone or tablet. And as a homebuyer, it can make you feel more comfortable that the property company is taking extra precautions to keep you safe.


Security Best Practices When Touring a Home

The emergence of these partnerships indicates self-guided tours will continue to be in demand post-pandemic. It means if you plan to inspect a property on your own, there are some things you can do to ensure you do so safely.

The first is to bring a friend or trusted family member, especially if you plan to do an evening visit. Having another person there can make you feel more secure, so you can enjoy checking out the home. It will also give prospective thieves pause. With more people present, it means more possible means of detection. 

You should also examine the company doing the single-family home tours. Some questions to ask are:

  • Does your property have an alarm system?
  • Does it also have outside monitoring by a security company?
  • Do you use the same codes for each prospective buyer?

Doing this can help you assess whether the company places a priority on your safety.


Self-Guiding Safely

The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in homebuyers doing self-guided tours. The joint venture between Ring and AlloySmart Home ensures property companies can help keep homebuyers safe by controlling a house’s lock codes and alarm system remotely. This partnership, along with employing safe practices when viewing a house, can give you additional peace of mind as you shop for your dream home. 

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