Fruits Recalled from Walmart After Threat of Listeria Infection

On Oct. 2, the company Country Fresh voluntarily recalled a variety of their fruits sold in Walmart for the potential of being contaminated by listeria monocytogenes. Just one day later, the company expanded the recall as a safety precaution and cited a possible risk of listeria on equipment near where this fruit is packed, according to the Food and Drug Administration’s announcement. The FDA made the contamination discovery, causing Country Fresh to issue the recall. 

The fruits included range from apples to melons and pineapples, though the list continues to grow as Country Fresh adds more fruit to be on the safe side. The fruits were all shipped to Walmart stores in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. The “best if used by” dates are between Oct. 3, 2020, and Oct. 11, 2020, and the fruit is packaged with the Walmart label.

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Why Listeria Is Such a Concern

Though listeria doesn’t always have much of an effect on a healthy adult, a listeria infection can seriously sicken pregnant women, elderly people, and those with weak immune systems, while also causing fever, chills, muscle aches, nausea, and diarrhea. If untreated, a listeria infection can travel to the nervous system and cause more serious issues like headaches, confusion, or convulsions. 

If you purchased and ate the contaminated fruits from Walmart and are exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s important to see your doctor right away for treatment. If you’ve purchased these fruits and they’re currently in your refrigerator, get rid of them immediately, because listeria can live through being refrigerated, meaning that fruit could still be contaminated. Throw away any of the contaminated fruit you have and know that Walmart is doing the same with any inventory currently in stock. Country Fresh has also not received any reports of anyone sick from these products thus far.

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Which Fruits Were Recalled From Walmart

The recall was issued for nine states, including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. You can stay up to date on which packages were recalled by Country Fresh on the FDA’s website, but the current list includes:

Item Size Best if Used By
Apple Grape Tray With Caramel 2 lbs. 10 oz. 10/7/20 and 10/8/20
Green Apple Slices 32 oz. 10/8/20, 10/9/20, 10/10/20
Mixed Apple Slices 32 oz. 10/8/20, 10/9/20, 10/10/20
Red Apple Slices 14 oz. 10/10/20, 10/11/20
Red Apple Slices 32 oz. 10/8/20 and 10/9/20
Cantaloupe Chunks 10 oz. 10/3/20, 10/4/20, 10/5/20
Cantaloupe Chunks 16 oz. 10/2/30, 10/4/20, 10/5/20
Seasonal Fruit Tray 40 oz. 10/3/20 and 10/4/20
Summer Blend 5 oz. 10/3/20 and 10/4/20
Tropical Blend 5 oz. 10/3/20 and 10/4/20
Mango Chunk 10 oz. 10/3/20 and 10/4/20
Mango Spears 16 oz. 10/4/20
Pineapple Grape Mango Blend 16 oz. 10/3/20, 10/4/20, 10/5/20
Pineapple Chunks 10 oz. 10/3/20
Pineapple Chunks 16 oz. 10/4/20
Pineapple Chunks 42 oz. 10/10/20 and 10/11/20
Pineapple Spears 32 oz. 10/5/20
Red Grapes 10 oz. 10/4/20
Seasonal Blend 10 oz. 10/3/20 and 10/4/20
Seasonal Blend 16 oz 10/3/20, 10/4/20, 10/5/20
Seasonal Trio 32 oz. 10/3/20, 10/4/20, 10/5/20

What if I Bought Fruit From my Walmart in Another State? 

The possible contamination that the FDA found at Country Fresh appears to be limited to the facility that only packages fruit for the nine states on the list. If you got Country Fresh fruit under the Walmart label from your local Walmart in another state, it should be fine, because it should have been packaged in a different facility that isn’t at risk of contamination.

The Bottom Line 

Check your fresh fruit from Walmart if you live in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. If it’s the Country Fresh brand, throw it out immediately, as it’s at risk of listeria contamination. Walmart is also clearing its shelves to be on the safe side as well.

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