Wyze Home Monitoring: An Inexpensive Home Security Solution

Updated Mar 22, 2021
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Wyze Home Monitoring Overview

Wyze is moving into the home security sector with its own home monitoring system. The biggest differentiator with Wyze is that the equipment is free if you subscribe to annual professional monitoring. You’ll also get access to security camera monitoring features and more.

Wyze Home Monitoring Features

  • Low to No Equipment Costs

    Pay for a Wyze annual subscription and get your security system for free, or pay for the equipment upfront and monitoring on a monthly basis.

  • Inexpensive Professional Monitoring

    Wyze professional monitoring is one of the lowest you'll find in the industry — just $4.99 per month

  • Access to Cam Plus Plan

    Get access to Cam Plus for one Wyze camera. Cam Plus provides additional features for camera-enabled devices.

  • DIY Installation

    According to Wyze, its security system can be installed within 30 minutes and requires no wiring to be done.

Wyze Home Monitoring: Great for Families on a Budget

With Wyze’s low upfront costs, this solution is a great option for families looking for affordable home security. The equipment comes free when you buy one full year’s subscription for $59. As an alternative, you can also opt-in monthly for professional monitoring and pay $4.99 per month plus $49.99 for the equipment.

Either way you slice it, Wyze is a lot cheaper than competing DIY security brands. However, there are some trade-offs that we’ll discuss further.

Pros and Cons of Wyze Home Monitoring


  • Low cost or free equipment
  • Inexpensive professional monitoring
  • Access to a camera subscription plan


  • No cellular backup
  • Backup battery only lasts 10 hours

How Does the Wyze Security System Work?

Once you’ve set up the security system, it works similarly to most systems you’ll find on the market today. You can set the system to Home, Away, or Disarmed. With the motion sensor, contact sensors, hub, and keypad installed, you’ll have access to intrusion detection. If the system detects activity while it’s armed, the monitoring center will be notified, and someone will reach out to you. If you don’t respond, the monitoring specialist will contact authorities to send someone out to your home. Wyze monitoring is supported by Noonlight and a TMA 5-Diamond monitoring company, so you can rest assured knowing a certified center is there when you need it most.

Wyze Home Monitoring Features

Wyze Home Monitoring
Monitoring price
$59 with an annual subscription ($4.99 with monthly)
Equipment price
Free with an annual subscription ($49.99 with monthly)
Motion detection
Security camera(s)
No, purchased separately
Home environmental monitoring

Control With the Wyze App

Using the Wyze App, you can manage the security system and additional Wyze products. If you have a Wyze camera, this gives you access to reviewing video clips, notifications, adjusting settings, and much more. If you purchase a Wyze light bulb, you can also set up automation and schedules. Programming the lights to automatically turn on when particular doors are opened can function as a deterrent. Setting schedules for your lighting can also be a beneficial addition to your security system by making it look like someone’s home.


Wyze Equipment


Wyze Sense Hub

The hub is the brain of your Wyze security system. It manages the signals it receives from your sensors, reporting suspicious activity in the home to the monitoring center. 


Wyze Sense Keypad

Arm and disarm your Wyze security system with this keypad. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use whether you’re coming, going, or staying in.


Wyze Sense Entry Sensor

Protect points of entry to your home with the Wyze Sense Entry Sensor. This sensor can be placed on exterior doors as well as windows. These devices have a battery life of 18 months.


Wyze Sense Motion Sensor

Monitor major areas of your home with the Wyze Sense Motion Sensor. You should place this sensor in high-traffic and main areas of the home, like your living room or an entryway.


Wyze Cam v2

Keep an eye on what’s happening inside your home with the Wyze Cam v2. This popular product allows you to get activity notifications and review video clips. 


Wyze Cam Outdoor

See around the exterior of your home with the Wyze Cam Outdoor. With an IP65 water resistance rating, it’s built to last through rain and shine. Get alerts and play back video clips, as well as have your footage stored locally on a microSD card or in the cloud for up to 14 days.


Wyze Bulb

Illuminate areas of your home with this smart light bulb. You can control it by voice through Alexa or Google Assistant or manage the device by mobile app. Change lighting scenes, set automation, routines, and more with this helpful home device.

Wyze Home Monitoring FAQs

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