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My Alarm Center is committed to keeping families protected with time-tested full home security solutions and services that make your home smarter and your family safer.

Front of a houseWhat Sets My Alarm Center Apart?

Backed by 19 years of experience and ground-breaking technology, My Alarm Center offers much more than alarm monitoring. Striving to be the central security hub of your home and/or business, they offer fire & carbon monoxide monitoring, flood protection, home automation, and personal emergency response services. You can achieve all of your home security and monitoring needs in one easy and affordable place.

My Alarm Center brings local communities to the forefront of their mission by employing team members in your area and partnering with local providers to ensure you get top-notch service. To further highlight their devotion to the community, they also offer military and educator discounts and college scholarships.


  • Remote control options: thermostat control and scheduling, light control and scheduling, door lock/unlock
  • Videos can be viewed live or stored/saved for future viewing
  • Text alerts for the entire system, including weather


  • Camera hardware is not included in the package cost
  • Multi-year contracts with high cancellation fees
  • Website does not address potential upfront costs


    Starting at $34.99/mo

    Our take

    My Alarm Center’s MyEssential package lives up to its name, covering all the essentials for home security, including home security monitoring, fire and CO detection, wireless alarm sensors, keypad, door/window sensors, and keyfobs. This is the My Alarm Center package to choose if you are seeking the lowest cost option to cover the basics.

    Package devices include:

    • Keypad
    • Door/window sensors
    • Keyfobs


    Starting at $49.99/mo

    Our take

    The MyHome package is My Alarm Center’s mid-range package and includes all the features of the MyEssential package, adding on some great remote control options you can use from any web-accessible device, including smartphones. The ability to arm/disarm your system, lock/unlock your doors, and control your thermostat and lights remotely makes this package a great option starting at $49.99 per month.

    Package devices include:

    • All features of the MyEssential package
    • Remote alarm and lock/unlock controls
    • Remote energy controls

    MyHome Premier

    Starting at $59.99/mo

    Our take

    MyHomePremier is the mammoth of all My Alarm Center’s packages, offering so much variety it can be the central security and monitoring hub of your entire home. It includes all the features of the MyHome package, plus image sensors and video & visual verification allowing you to live stream video, save videos in a library, and receive motion-triggered recordings. The monthly price of MyHomePremier starts at $59.99/mo., not including video cameras.

    Package Features

    • All features of the MyHome package
    • Image sensors
    • Video & visual verification
Compare My Alarm Center Packages

Compare My Alarm Center Packages

Package prices start at $34.99/mo. $49.99/mo. $59.99/mo.
24/7 professional monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Keypad, door/window sensors and keyfobs Yes Yes Yes
Remote control of security system and home automation No Yes Yes
Video verification No No Yes
Frequently Asked Questions About My Alarm Center

Frequently Asked Questions About My Alarm Center

Are there financing options available for My Alarm Center’s services?

No, My Alarm Center does not offer financing options.

What are my installation options? Do I need to do it myself?

My Alarm Center local technicians are prepared to install the system for you. If you wish to self-install, they offer an option called LivSecure which is a self-installed security system backed by 24/7 professional monitoring.

What do I need to do if I am moving?

The first step will be to call My Alarm Center Customer Support and discuss your options with them. There are many different scenarios with moves and My Alarm Center is prepared to work with you to come up with a suitable solution.

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