Aloe Care Medical Alerts Review

An industry leader in digital healthcare communication, Aloe Care Health has become a pioneer in the advancing medical alert options. Aloe Care Health offers dynamic monitoring and real-time connection between caregivers and their patients. Its services operate 24/7, and the company provides mobile response devices which can be used for emergencies.
Updated Apr 9, 2021

What Sets Aloe Care Health Apart?


Aloe Care Health is focused on advancing the communication between caregivers and patients and is working to raise the bar for medical alert systems for independent elders who require support. This effort has effectively rounded Aloe Care Health, distinguishing itself by including hard-to-find features. If you’re looking for Aloe Care medical reviews, look no further than its reported 6,878% revenue growth at the end of 2020.

Advised by renowned healthcare and technology professionals, Aloe Care Health offers three independent support system options for the elderly. The Essentials option bundles one of its Hubs and a portable Care Button. For an extra $10, the Essentials Plus option includes all of the features found in the Essentials package, adding a Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device that also provides an Automatic Fall Detection function. Aloe Care Health’s premium option is its Total Care package which adds In-Home Automatic Fall Detection to the basic package found in the Essentials option.


  • Voice-Activated Hub
  • 24/7 line for emergencies
  • Real-time updates through the app
  • Monitor/alert for air quality and temperature
  • Motion sensor
  • Operates on 4G LTE


  • Information on a return policy for devices leaves much to be desired
  • Unclear effective range for Care Buttons

Top 3 Features 


Aloe Care Health has effectively rounded its solutions, offering innovative monitoring and support features. Below is a list of the most notable ones.

Aloe Care Health App: As a platform that centralizes both caregivers and healthcare professionals in one space, the app operates as a communication domain that leaves no one in the dark. The app provides notes for one’s health, sensor metrics, and the capability to reach loved ones via the Smart Hub.

Automatic Fall Detection: Aloe Care Health’s Automatic Fall Detection is included in its Essentials Plus and Total Care plans. This feature enables a caregiver to receive a notification that their patient has potentially experienced a fall. Given that falls can frequently occur with the elderly, this function enhances the awareness of a loved one’s status and safety.

Sensors: An impressive attribute of Aloe Care Health’s medical features is the live monitoring that includes an array of sensors. These sensors monitor air quality, including volatile organic compounds, CO2, as well as temperature sensors. With these metrics combined, caregivers have a better idea of their patient’s environmental status.

Aloe Care Health Plans

  • Aloe Care Health Essentials

    Our take

    Even as a basic option, the Essentials includes an impressive list of features. This is a suitable option if the patient will be unattended for a few hours or less and if the patient is mobile enough to draw less concern for falls.

    Stand-out features include

    • Voice-Activation Enabled
    • 24/7 emergency support
    • Sensors to monitor the environment
  • Aloe Care Health Essentials Plus

    Our take

    The Essentials Plus package is a great fit for those seeking added security for a loved one with more mobility . With all of the features offered in the Essentials package, the “Plus” adds a Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device. This device enables the patient to communicate with the Smart Hub while also adding an Automatic Fall Detection function to the mobile device.

    Stand-out features include

    • Automatic Fall Detection included in mobile device
    • Includes the Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device
    • Can be used on the go, thanks to the 4G LTE built-in
  • Aloe Care Health Total Care

    Our take

    The all-inclusive package, Total Care, is the premium choice. For those seeking a system that monitors someone who has a significant chance of falling, this option enhances safety parameters. It includes all of the features found in Essentials

    Stand-out features include

    • In-Home Fall Detection with two sensors
    • Easy set up despite added devices and features

Aloe Care Health Equipment and Features


Smart Hub

The base of Aloe Care Health’s communication system, the Smart Hub, is voice-activated and features buttons as an alternative to voice operation. Connectivity is based on your 4G LTE signal. An addition to the Smart Hub that rivals competitors is a built-in backup battery installed within the Hub.



Included in all packages, the Aloe Home Health App allows caregivers to monitor their loved ones and make App-to-Hub calls. The number of app users is unlimited, so the range of support, both informal and professional, wields virtually limitless access.


Mobile Device

Much like a cellphone, the provided Mobile Companion enables the user to remain within a circle of care by staying connected to the Smart Hub. Inside and outside the home, the Mobile Companion has a built-in automatic fall detection function for your loved ones who are at significant risk of falling.


Care Button

Aloe Care Health offers at least one Care Button among their bundles. As easy as wearing around your wrist or your neck, a simple tap of the button will connect the user with Aloe Care monitoring or a pre-selected caregiver.

Compare Aloe Care Health Plans

Aloe Care Health Essentials

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Aloe Care Health Essentials Plus

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Aloe Care Health Total Care

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Monitoring starts at
$29.99/mo. $149.99 for hardware/devices $39.99/mo. $249.99 for hardware/devices $49.99/mo. $299.99 for hardware/devices
Monitoring connection
In-home or anywhere
In-home only Anywhere Anywhere
Anywhere in the U.S. Anywhere in the U.S. Anywhere in the U.S.
GPS tracking
No Yes Yes
Optional Optional Yes
Fall Detection
Not available Included Included

Aloe Care Health FAQs

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