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Protection 1

Learn more about the home security solutions that Protection 1 has to offer for keeping your family and home safe.
Updated Dec 2, 2020

Protection 1 Home Security – Bottom Line

Protection 1 provides home security solutions for over 1 million customers across America. One of the biggest benefits you’ll find with Protection 1, a division of security giant ADT, is the ability to either self-install your security system or have a professional install it for you. This gives customers more choice and flexibility based on their budget. 

Protection 1 also has a range of security system packages to choose from, with advanced features home environmental monitoring, camera-enabled motion detection, smart home control and geo-fencing. Protection 1 offers several cameras and video monitoring options, including a wireless indoor camera, an outdoor night vision camera and an infrared image sensor. You won’t have to pay for any equipment upfront, and you’ll get access to a $1,000 Theft Protection Guarantee. Monitoring costs range from $34.99/mo. – $54.99/mo.

Protection 1’s Response to COVID-19: Protection 1 continues providing alarm response services and works to resolve customer concerns by phone as much as possible. In the event that customers need further assistance, Protection 1 sends a technician to your home.


Is Protection 1 is Right for You?

Cost: Protection 1 offers several packages customized with a range of features designed to provide customers with the level of protection they need at an affordable price point. Protection 1 offers basic home protection starting at $34.99 per month as well as additional packages starting at $49.99 per month and $54.99 per month. 

Contract: Protection 1 packages require a 36-month contract with no trial period and includes early termination fees. 

Wired vs Wireless: Protection 1 security packages offer both wired and wireless systems. While you don’t need a landline for the security packages, Protection 1 technicians work with you to determine the best option for your home security. 

Installation: Certified Protection 1 technicians provide professional installation for each package. Once you schedule your appointment, a technician will come to your home to install equipment and answer your questions about the system. 

Equipment: Protection 1’s basic system includes a touchscreen control panel, sensors, and signage. You can also choose to add home environmental monitoring and life safety features that carry an additional charge. 


Protection 1 Pricing and Costs

Protection 1 packages start at $34.99 per month and require a 36-month contract for the service. Customers receive professional monitoring and Protection 1’s $1,000 Theft Protection Guarantee. Choose between a landline or cellular connection based on your home’s needs. And, if your security needs change, you can upgrade your package and add additional equipment. 


  • Professional installation
  • $1,000 Theft Protection Guarantee
  • No landline required for use


  • Contract required
  • No DIY installation
  • Early termination fees

Secure Package

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Secure+ Package

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Smart Control Package

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Video Package

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Equipment price starts at
No upfront costNo upfront costNo upfront costNo upfront cost
24/7 Professional monitoring
Pro. monitoring starts at
Motion detection
Home environmental monitoring
Two-way voice
Smart home control
Video surveillance

Protection 1 Installation

Protection 1’s professional installation starts at $99. The cost increases based on the equipment in the package you choose. For instance, adding cameras and smart home equipment to your system increases the installation cost. 

Protection 1’s installation process includes:

  • A visit by the technician at the day and time that works best for you
  • A review of your order along with optimal placement of equipment
  • An estimate on installation time
  • A walk-through of how everything works once installation is complete

Protection 1 Equipment and Features

  • 2GIG Control Panel Image

    2GIG Control Panel

    Featuring a color touchscreen, the 2GIG Control Panel allows you to easily arm and disarm your security system, as well as to control Z-wave smart devices in your home. The 2GIG Control Panel also features 2-way voice communication and the ability to create 32 unique user PIN codes, making it great for family members and service professionals who need access to your home.

  • Alarm.com Image Sensor Image

    Alarm.com Image Sensor

    Made with a passive infrared technology, this image sensor not only detects motion but also includes a camera to snap images in the event the sensor detects motion and triggers the alarm.

  • Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Alarm Image

    Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Alarm

    This smoke, heat and freeze detector monitors heat and cold air, sounding an alarm if it senses extreme temperatures. This detector protects areas of up to 35 ft. in your home.

  • Alarm.com Indoor Wireless Security Camera Image

    Alarm.com Indoor Wireless Security Camera

    Designed with night vision, this indoor camera allows you to monitor your home 24/7. It can be set up to connect to your home internet, and with the Protection 1 Video Package you’ll be able to watch recordings on your phone or computer.

  • Alarm.com Outdoor Night-Vision IP Camera Image

    Alarm.com Outdoor Night-Vision IP Camera

    This outdoor camera also features night vision and is designed to connect your home Internet. Monitor the exterior of your home by purchasing Protection 1’s Video Package.

  • Kwikset Z-Wave Door Lock Image

    Kwikset Z-Wave Door Lock

    Remotely lock and unlock your door with the Kwikset Z-Wave Door Lock. A smart door lock is a great option in the event you or family members forget to lock a door after leaving home. For remote access, you’ll need to purchase the Protection One Smart Control Package or higher.

  • Programmable Z-Wave Thermostat Image

    Programmable Z-Wave Thermostat

    Schedule and control your home temperature with the Programmable Z-Wave Thermostat. This device features a touchscreen with easy-to-use controls. The screen automatically lights up and beeps in response to your touch.

Protection 1 Packages

  • Secure Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Secure Package provides you with the basics for intrusion detection like a touchscreen control panel, sensors, and signage. You’ll also have access to 24/7 professional monitoring. You can also opt into home environmental monitoring and life safety features with this package. These features may carry an additional charge. You can purchase the Secure Package for $34.99/mo.

    Package Devices Included:

    • Color touchscreen control panel
    • 3 Door/window sensors
    • 1 Motion sensor
    • Keychain remote
    • Yard sign
    • 3 Window decals
    • Alarm.com Image Sensor
    • Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Alarm
  • Secure+ Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Get all of the basics plus a cellular monitoring connection and two-way voice communication with the Secure+ Package. There’s more security with a cellular monitoring connection, preventing you from easily losing power in the event your phone line and/or home internet is down. Two-way voice allows you to speak with a monitoring specialist through your control panel, so you don’t have to reach for your phone in the event of an emergency. You can purchase the Secure+ Package for $44.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • A cellular monitoring connection
    • Two-way voice communication

    Package Devices Included

    • Everything in the Secure Package
    • 2GIG Control Panel
  • Smart Control Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Want to use smart devices in your home and have remote control? Protection 1’s Smart Control Package would be optimal for you. This package comes with everything found in the Secure+ Package, plus access to smart home control (equipment is not included), web/mobile app control, and a camera-enabled motion sensor. You’ll have heightened visibility in your home and the ability to automate day-to-day tasks like making sure your door is locked and adjusting your thermostat. The Smart Control Package can be purchased for $49.99/mo.

    Package Devices Included

    • Everything in the Secure+ Package
    • Smart home control (equipment is not included with package)
    • Online and mobile control

    Package Devices Included

    • Everything in the Secure+ Package
    • Motion sensor with camera
  • Video Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Get video surveillance for your home the Protection 1 Video Package. While this package doesn’t come with a security camera, you can add on indoor and outdoor cameras to suit your needs. With video surveillance, you’ll be able to watch recordings through your phone or online. Protection 1’s indoor security camera also comes with night vision, allowing you to see clearly even in low lighting. You can purchase the Video Package for $54.99/mo.

    Package Features

    • Everything in the Smart Control Package
    • Video surveillance

    Package Devices Included

    • Everything in the Smart Control Package
    • Kwikset Z-Wave Door Lock
    • Programmable Z-Wave Thermostat
    • Alarm.com Indoor Wireless Security Camera
    • Alarm.com Outdoor Night-Vision IP Camera

Using Protection 1 Home Security

Protection 1 provides you with multiple options to monitor your home, including motion sensors, door and window sensors and cameras. 24/7 professional monitoring gives you peace-of-mind even when you’re away.

The first step in using Protection 1 home security is to choose your package and to schedule professional installation. The installer will also show you how to use your new system. Once your system is installed, any alarm or intrusion will alert a monitoring specialist who will contact you to make sure everything is okay, or can notify the authorities to respond to your home.

If you choose the Smart Control package or the Video package, you will also have access to the mobile app that lets you remotely control and monitor your system. These packages also let you connect your system to various smart home devices like thermostats and door locks. With the video package, you can also keep an eye on your home with an indoor wireless security camera and an outdoor night vision camera. You can then view any video recordings from your cameras on your mobile app or online.

FAQs About Protection 1

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