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Updated Jun 3, 2021

What Sets Protect America Apart?

Serving customers for over 25 years, Protect America focuses on providing affordable home security solutions. The provider offers home automation products and security cameras to help you create a safe, smart home. Protect America offers three equipment packages: Copper, Silver and Platinum. For professional monitoring, you’ll choose one of the following plans based on your preferred type of connectivity – the Landline Plan, Broadband Plan or the Cellular Plan. The cost of landline monitoring starts at $19.99/mo.  And cellular or broadband monitoring starts at $41.99/mo. depending on the package and plan you choose. If you want to see how Protect America stacks against other providers, check out these recommended home security system providers.


  • Price-match guarantee
  • Smart home devices and features
  • Mobile app access & control


  • Contract required
  • Upgrade to get video surveillance, smart features and smoke detection
  • 30-day limited warranty

Top 3 Protect America Features

  • No Upfront Equipment Cost

    You can get up to $1,400 of equipment for free with Protect America and pay for monitoring over the life of your contract.

  • Locked Monitoring Rates

    You won’t have to be concerned with monthly monitoring rate changes.

  • No Installation Fees

    Protect America security systems are designed to be self-installed, allowing you to avoid installation fees.

Protect America Security System Packages

  • Copper

    Starting at

    Our Take

    If you have a smaller home or live in an apartment, the Copper Package is a great option as it comes with the essentials you’ll need for protecting your home. The cost of professional monitoring for the Copper Package ranges from $19.99/mo. – $41.99/mo. depending upon the plan you choose.

    Package Devices Included

    • 1 standard control panel
    • 3 door/window sensors
    • 1 motion sensor
    • 1 yard sign and 4 door/window stickers
  • Silver

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Silver Package includes all of the devices found in the Copper Package but adds on 6 more door/window sensors. This package is great if you have more points of entry that need to be secured. The cost of professional monitoring for the Silver Package ranges from $ – $49.99/mo. depending on the plan you choose.

    Package Devices Included

    • All devices in the Copper Package
    • 6 additional door/window sensors
  • Platinum

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The Platinum Package features all of the devices in the Silver Package plus 5 additional door/window sensors. This package is great if you have a larger home and more points of entry to protect like multiple doors and windows. If you want access to smart home devices and features, you can upgrade your system by contacting a Protect America representative. Professional monitoring for the Platinum Package ranges from $42.99/mo. – $54.99/mo.

    Package Devices Include

    • All devices in the Silver Package
    • 5 additional door/window sensors

Not sure which Protect America package is right for you?

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Copper PackageSilver PackagePlatinum Package
24/7 professional monitoring
Equipment cost
$0 upfront$0 upfront$0 upfront
Landline monitoring starts at
Cellular/Broadband monitoring starts at
DIY Installation
Standard control panel
Motion detection
Smoke detection
Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*
Video surveillance
Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*
Smart home devices
Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*Available with package upgrade*
*See FAQs to learn how you can upgrade your Protect America package.

Protect America Security System Equipment & Features

  • The IQ Panel 2

    Designed with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, the IQ Panel 2 allows you to easily arm or disarm your security system, as well as control any smart devices you may also have.

  • Interlogix Micro Door/Window Sensors

    Designed with a 5-year battery life, the Interlogix Micro Door/Window Sensors can easily be installed by affixing to doors or windows. With a small profile, they’re easy to blend in with your home and will alert your control panel whenever a door or window is opened.

  • HD wireless video camera

    Get access to 720p HD video with an indoor or outdoor wireless security camera. You’ll be able to view a live video feed from your smartphone through Protect America’s mobile app for both the indoor and outdoor camera. You’ll also be notified of activity inside and outside of your home.

  • Interlogix Wireless Smoke Detector

    The Interlogix Wireless Smoke Detector features photoelectric technology that’s designed to capture slow-burning fires faster than a typical smoke detector. With this device and Protect America’s service, you’ll have monitored protection with a team ready to respond in the event of a fire.

  • Interlogix Glass Break Sensor

    Get an alert if glass is shattered in your home with the Interlogix Glass Break Sensor. This sensor features a range of 20 feet and provider 360-degree coverage. Protect America recommends placing these sensors on windows that intruders could readily access and sliding glass doors.

  • August Smart Lock

    Lock or unlock your door remotely with the August Smart Lock. You’ll be able to grant access and can track activity of comings and goings with this smart device.

  • Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module

    Switch on or off your lights from the convenience of your mobile device or computer with the Z-Wave Light & Appliance Module. You can also dim your lights as well to create the optimal environment.

  • Linear Garage Door Controller

    Open or close your garage through your mobile device or security panel with the Linear Garage Door Controller. This device is especially helpful in the event you forget to close your garage before leaving as you’ll be able to control it remotely.

Protect America Cost & Monitoring Plans

You can choose from three professional monitoring plans for your security system: the Landline Plan, Broadband Plan, or the Cellular Plan. As mentioned before, choosing the Cellular monitoring plan is the best for increased protection of your home. However, any level of professional monitoring is better than none as a specialist will be on standby should an emergency occur. 

The Landline monitoring plan requires a telephone connection and starts at $19.99/mo. The Broadband monitoring plan will give you access to home automation features and starts at $41.99/mo. The Cellular monitoring plan also provides access to home automation features and starts at $41.99/mo. as well.

Protect America Monitoring Plan Features

  • Remote Access & Control

    Control of your Protect America security system and smart devices at your fingertips.

  • View Live Video Streaming

    Check in on your Protect America camera and review recorded footage.

  • Get Notifications

    Stay notified of detected activity inside or around your home with alerts.

Why We Recommend the Silver Package

We recommend the Protect America Silver Package because it’s the provider’s most popular plan. With it, you’ll get 9 door/window sensors, giving you plenty to cover front, back, and any side entryways. You can also cover windows on your first floor, allowing you to increase your protection. For this package, we recommend choosing the cellular monitoring plan so that your home can remain protected in the event of a power outage or if a burglar disconnects your telephone line. Cellular monitoring is the best method over a landline or broadband connection for its higher level of security.

Protect America Installation

Protect America security systems are designed to be self-installed. The biggest perk of DIY security systems is that customers can avoid installation fees and also having to take time to schedule an appointment. One benefit with Protect America installation is that you can use their Quick Install Guide to help you get started. There are equipment tutorial videos available, but if you’d like for a specialist to help you with the installation and activation processes, you can schedule an appointment.

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The Protect America Mobile App

The Protect America mobile app places control in your hands for your home security system and smart home devices. You can arm or disarm your system with the press of a button, view a live video stream and recorded footage, get alerts and more. If you purchase smart lights or smart thermostat, you can also save extra money on your energy bill.

Not sure which Protect America package is right for you?

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Protect America Customer Service Information

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