Protect America Equipment

Protect America shields your home with a mix of home security equipment, professional monitoring and smart home automation to cover all of your home’s safety and security needs.

Protect America Equipment


With Protect America, your home is guarded with security equipment and intrusion and environmental monitoring for as low as $19.99/mo. Protect America’s equipment monitors your home’s security by using your smartphone or the control panel for real-time status updates without hassles and headaches.

Protect America Equipment & Features

Touchscreen control panel

All of your Protect America equipment can be controlled using the color LCD touchscreen control panel. When you’re home, glance at the control panel to check the status of your security equipment and control your system using one device. You’ll know instantly if your system is armed, windows are closed and if sensors are triggered.

HD Wireless video camera

Always keep an eye on your home, even when you’re on the go with Protect America’s HD wireless security camera. It’s equipped with 720p HD, a 60-degree field of view and night vision for up to 16 feet.

Protect America camera owners can also chat with guests from their smartphone with two-way audio using the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker. You’ll also be able to see live and saved historical footage anytime, anywhere via smartphone. And all of your camera’s footage is encrypted and stored on the cloud.

Monitored smoke detection

When smoke or fire is near, your family’s safety is the top priority. Protect America’s smoke detector is monitored at all times to alert emergency responders of danger the moment smoke or fire is detected. The smoke detector is equipped with photoelectric technology, which helps detect fires early before they spread.

The smoke detector pairs with Protect America’s Firefighter Sensor to automatically send a signal to your security system’s control panel and automatically alert your local fire department of potential danger.

Protect your home with Protect America equipment and professional monitoring today.

Door and window sensors

Protect America’s door and window sensors are nearly invisible to the eye but trigger an alarm if doors are opened. If the sensor is triggered, a signal is sent to your security system and the monitoring center. These small, but mighty, wireless sensors come with up to five years of battery life. It’s recommended to install one at each entry door and window so you always know when they’re opened.

Indoor wireless motion detector

If these wireless motion sensors detect heated movement within 25 feet, you and the Protect America monitoring center will be alerted. Heated movement detection helps avoid false alarms from inanimate objects The sensors are also pet-friendly, so pets under 40 pounds can move freely without the worry of false alarms. Protect America’s motion detector can be set up using easy-to-peel adhesives.

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a lethal poisonous gas that builds quickly without any visible signs. The Interlogix Carbon Monoxide Detector alerts you of rising carbon monoxide levels before it becomes dangerous. The Protect America monitoring center will also be notified to send emergency responders to your home while you seek safe shelter.

Trident Environmental Sensor

Water damage can be dangerous and expensive, especially if it’s detected too late. The Trident Environmental Sensor helps detect signs of leaks or flooding in the home early on. This sensor also alerts you if your home reaches dangerous temperatures. It can be installed in basements, garages or other areas where water damage is a concern.

SMART Connect mobile app

Protect America’s free SMART Connect mobile app allows you to control your home’s security equipment using your smartphone at all times. You’ll have the power to arm and disarm your security system. You’ll also receive automated mobile notifications when sensors are triggered so you can act accordingly. The SMART Connect app also allows you to: 

  • Lock and unlock your smart lock

  • View live security camera footage

  • Set automated routines for smart lights

  • Control smart home gadgets

Protect America Professional Monitoring & Home Automation

Protect America protects your home with its professional monitoring center to respond to your home’s triggered sensors 24/7. If your sensors are triggered you’ll receive an alert and Protect America’s experts will call you to notify before alerting emergency responders in case of a false alarm. If there’s an emergency, Protect America’s team will call for help on your behalf while you seek safe shelter. Protect America offers three packages for monthly monitoring rates starting at $19.99/mo.

Connect your Protect America equipment with your favorite smart home appliances, and control them using the SMART Connect app and control panel. Protect America pairs with Amazon Alexa and other home automation gadgets including smart locks, wall plugs, thermostats and lights.

Protect your home with Protect America equipment and professional monitoring today.


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