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Pros and Cons of Professionally Monitored Security Systems

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Jan 28, 2021
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It’s important to protect those things that matter most to you, like your home, possessions, and your family. According to ADT, in 2015, a burglary occurred almost every 20 seconds. With the heightened need for home security yet a large number of options available, it can be challenging determining what’s best for your needs. Learn more about the pros and cons of monitored security systems so you can make the best informed decision for your safety.

Pros of Professionally Monitored Home Security Systems

One of the biggest perks of having a professionally installed home security system is around-the-clock monitoring whether you’re on the job or away on vacation. Professionals are there to alert you whenever your alarm is triggered; and, to further reduce loss or damage, the authorities will be contacted if there’s an emergency. That means more time for you to focus on what matters while leaving security issues to a team of professionals.

Scare off potential intruders

One of the top qualities of a professionally monitored security system is that some of them come with alarms that can easily scare off intruders when they hear the siren. This can help to prevent your valuable possessions from being stolen or damaged.

Receive an immediate notification

If you’re at work or away from home, whenever the system is triggered, your security company will be notified and contact you to check for a false alarm or determine if the trigger was indeed warranted. As another step of precaution if you’re unavailable, the police will be contacted for further investigation.

Have continuous operation in the event of power outages

When the power goes out, some security systems are able to continually function over phone lines or even cellular networks. This will give you an advantage in the event that you lose power during a storm or other emergencies.

Ensure coverage for key areas in your home

With a professionally installed system, you’ll ensure coverage for key areas of your home like those with doorway entries and windows. This prevents the chance for any rooms to go  unprotected and provide heightened security.

Want to protect your home with a home security system?

Cons of Professionally Monitored Home Security Systems

While there are some cons to a professionally monitored security system, having some level of security is advised in case of unfortunate events. While you could set up a security system yourself, one drawback is having to monitor it on your own. Instead of running the risk of losing any valuables, carefully consider how these cons weigh in regards to protecting your home.

Paying for false alarms

With a professionally monitored security system, you can run the risk of setting off false alarms. If you or your children trigger the alarm and your security company contacts the police or emergency services, you could end up paying a fine for the false alarm.

Cost of installation and monthly payments

You'll have 24/7 surveillance for your home, but you’ll also likely have to pay for professional installation and make monthly monitoring payments. These costs will be important to factor into your budget.

Remembering to set the alarm

You’ll have to remember to set the alarm before leaving home. In the event that you forget and have a break-in, then your siren may not go off, and you could lose valuables or have them damaged. Although your security system is installed, you’ll have to be sure to arm it before leaving.

Make the best choice for protecting what matters most

Your home is your biggest investment, and securing it is a top priority. Now that you know some pros and cons of professional monitoring, you can make the best informed decision for your needs. If a professionally monitored security system provides the service you’re looking for, consider a security company like ADT that has more than 140 years of experience in home security. Remember to protect what matters most to you and your family.

Want to protect your home with a home security system?

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