3 Reasons to Consider Installing a Pet Camera

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Updated Feb 18, 2021
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Think pet cameras are a frivolous expense? Think again. If you’ve got a furry friend at home, these systems offer multiple benefits for both you and your pet. Here are three great reasons to consider installing a pet camera. 

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    Remote Observation

    Sure, this is an obvious one. What you might not realize, though, is just how much remote observation can come in handy. Whether you’re running errands, at work, or away for the weekend, it’s impossible to keep an eye on your pet 24/7. Ever wonder where that missing shoe went? Curious why the flowerpots are tipped over? A pet cam will reveal all that and more. Even the best pets are bound to misbehave— with continuous footage, you’ll be able to identify problems early and nip them in the bud.

    Pet cameras are a great way to observe humans in the house, too. If you’ve hired a dog walker or a pet sitter, pet cams are a discreet way to keep an eye on things and ensure your animals are in good hands.

    Pet cameras may even help you in the event of a break-in or burglary. If an intruder enters your home, even if you’re away, you’ll have easily-accessible footage of who, when, and how. A video of the intruder can help the police catch them better than a simple description.

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    Better Health Monitoring

    Pets are like family, and their health is a pet owner’s top priority. Unfortunately, though, many health issues aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Sometimes, health problems aren’t noticed at all. With a pet cam, you’ll have a much better insight into your pets’ behavior.

    It can be hard to tell if your pet is lethargic, sleepy, resistant to food or just plain sick. Pet cameras can reveal patterns you wouldn’t notice otherwise. When reviewing footage from the past day, week and even month, it’ll be easy to pick up on troublesome behavior. Not sure what to make of it? Show the footage to your vet. You’ll get quality insight, and your vet will be glad to have a first-person view. Cameras can even help you monitor your pets after surgery or an illness.

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    Increased Interaction and Engagement

    It’s a question that’s long plagued pet owners — do my pets miss me when I’m gone? Well…yes. Pets (especially dogs) do, in fact, miss you when you’re away. They know just how long you’ve been gone, too. Studies indicate that dogs experience time the same way we do, meaning that week vacation feels just as long for your pooch. Dogs who spend extended amounts of time away from their owners are prone to irritability, separation anxiety, and even depression.

    Pet cameras are a simple way to lift their spirits. Many pet cams offer two-way streaming, with videos from your smartphone shown on a small monitor. Take advantage of this pseudo-Skype call by speaking to and playing with your pets. If they start to get anxious and wail, your image will provide instant comfort. Remote observation, health monitoring, and video streaming are just a few reasons to consider installing a pet camera. How will you use yours?

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