Home Security Solutions

Home security isn’t only about keeping intruders out of your home, it’s also about protecting what’s inside your home: your children, your family members, your valuables. Home security helps protect everything that matter most.

Read about the range of Home Security Solutions you can choose from:

More About Home Security Solutions

The decision to install a home security system is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make. Securing your home—likely your most significant investment in both money and time—just makes good overall sense. But, when you consider the protection of memories, valuables, and most profoundly, your family, having a home security system makes the most sense when it comes to those things—and people—who matter most.

Home security means so many things from burglar proofing and crime prevention to fire protection and home safety. When it comes to defining home security, prevention is the common thread, no matter the details. That’s because every household and family will prioritize their unique set of home security requirements and needs that will form the blueprint of the security system they choose.

That’s precisely the basis of a home security system—equipping households with protective devices that will secure home and family against potential harm, along with the peace of mind it provides.

Crime Prevention

For many, home security means securing the home from the outside in—preventing home intrusion. Depending on the level of protection desired, there are protective options to meet every need, such as:

  • Door and window sensors alert the opening and closing of home entryways
  • Motion detectors, both indoors and outdoors, alert movement in critical areas of the home and property
  • Video surveillance cameras monitor areas inside and outside the home for anytime access and they can alert activity

Home Safety

Keeping home and family safe from the inside out is another crucial reason for home security. Warning and hopefully preventing harm and damage from dangers like fire and flood, extreme temperatures and medical emergencies are the job for preventive devices such as:

  • Fire and smoke detector alarm
  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Flood protection system
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Personal medical alert

Security Monitoring and Alert Notifications

Equipped with protective devices, a home security system is ready to monitor, alert and notify the homeowner in the most immediate as well as convenient way. Technology brings the connection and communication between a homeowner and home security system closer, keeping us all safer. Some options include:

  • Sounder—indoor or outdoor—to loudly alert when a protective sensor is triggered
  • Strobe—also indoor or outdoor—brightly flashes and moves when triggered
  • Monitoring service keeps watch over your home security system 24/7, ready to alert you and call for immediate emergency assistance
  • Landline phone calls when an alarm is triggered
  • Cell phone call or text message when an alarm is triggered
  • Smart phone or web-enabled device receives text, email, or access to live video streaming
  • Remote ability to control home security system