Family Safety Resources

Below are some of our helpful guides and infographics on a range of family safety and home security topics.

Home Security Guides

How Much Does Home Security Cost? See a full break down of home security systems and get a cost breakdown and comparison to see which option makes the most sense for your budget.

Outdoor Security Camera Buying Guide – If you’re in the market for an outdoor home security camera, our buyer’s guide is designed to help you choose the right camera for your family’s needs.

Family Safety Articles

Internet Safety for Kids – Advice from 17 cyber safety experts on how to keep your children safe online

Keeping Your Autistic Kids Safe – Learn specific tactics for helping you care for autistic kids and keep them safe.

How to Keep Your Family Safe from Terrorist Attacks – A step-by-step guide including specific considerations for keeping your family safe in the event of a terrorist attack.

Keeping Your Family Safe During an Earthquake – Information on how to prepare your home and plan for the worst in the event of an earthquake that impacts you and your family.

Fire Safety for Kids – A guide on fire safety as it relates to young kids, including babies and toddlers – with specific advice on how to plan, prepare, and react in the event that there’s a fire in the home.

Product Safety Resources

Product Recall Guide – An extensive guide on product recalls that includes the best news and information sources online to find all the latest product recalls for your family.


Home Burglary Infographic – Wonder how thieves case and enter your home, what they’re most likely to steal and how to protect your home from burglars? This infographic answers those questions and more.

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