Indoor Siren

indoor sirens act as interior sounders to alert you to intrudersTechnological advances have taken home security systems to unbelievable levels to protect our homes and keep our loved ones and valuables secure. Yet, no matter how many high tech bells and whistles a system has, nothing tops a loud, stop-in-your-tracks sounder—the hallmark of any security system. Window and door sensors are essential, motion detectors take home protection to the next level, and the indoor siren simply must be in that first line of defense to prevent intrusion before it happens—or, in the case of fire, a sounder is the surest way to alert everybody to immediate find safety. Not only will an indoor siren deter a would-be criminal or intruder, it will make the emergency known to anyone in the home, neighbors, and emergency services, when they arrive.

How an Indoor Siren Works

Linked to the home security system’s control panel, the indoor siren produces all of the home’s alerts, which means it is constantly on-call, waiting for a signal from the control panel, which receives notifications from each of the home’s protective sensors and devices. Many indoor sirens will differentiate between the various alerts for fire or intruder, so the homeowner knows immediately what emergency is at hand.

Indoor siren units can be installed at a distance from the control panel so an intruder can’t see the control panel to disable the alarm siren. Indoor sirens are typically small and well hidden themselves, making detection unlikely as well as not interfering with a home’s aesthetics.

How to Choose an Indoor Siren

Available features of indoor sirens vary in degrees of simplicity, and the prices will reflect that. The most basic sounder will simply release a loud audio tone that is hopefully powerful enough to both deter an intruder and alert family members of an emergency. Just as every house and family is unique, the ideal indoor siren will suit those individual needs.

The size of the home is one of the first things to be considered when shopping for an indoor siren. If the home is large or has multiple levels, will one sounder be enough to adequately sound throughout the entire home, even through closed doors? Some sounders are definitely louder than others, but keep in mind the capabilities of every family member from the elderly to the very young. Will they hear the sounder in the middle of the night? Perhaps the addition of a brightly flashing strobe light is a feature to be considered to increase that likelihood.

A few additional features to be considered:

  • Tamper protection minimizes unauthorized attempts to disarm
  • Flush mounting options to keep it well hidden and in line with home decor
  • Different alarm sounds for fire and intrusion
  • Battery back up/long-life battery
  • Notification lights for service and battery life
  • Wireless key-chain remote to arm/disarm
  • Audio or visual sound or flash when the unit is armed/disarmed

Who is it for?

  • Homeowners who want to deter intruders before they get into the home
  • Homeowners who want the immediate jolt of a siren to alert an emergency situation