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Northstar Security gives you peace of mind that your home and loved ones are protected. With a wide range of devices and five different packages available, you can flexibly choose the home security system that’s best for you.
Updated Jul 9, 2020

What Sets Northstar Security Apart?

As an authorized dealer of Honeywell Security products, Northstar Security claims to have the most advanced and user-friendly system on the market.  Known for their fast response time and dedicated customer service, you can receive alerts right to your mobile device, allowing you to control your Northstar alarm services from anywhere at any time.

Northstar Security offers five different packages, but you won’t find package pricing on their website.  You can request a quote or utilize their chat box to talk to a Northstar professional. You can get professional monitoring with Northstar starts for as low as $39.99/mo. Customers typically have to enter into a 5-year service agreement with Northstar for their service.


  • Fast response time
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Wide variety of devices and packages


  • Lengthy contract
  • Technician service fees

Northstar Security Packages

  • Basic Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Northstar Security’s Basic Package is the most affordable and minimal package that Northstar offers, but includes a wide variety of devices including sensors, a touch panel, two-way voice feature, and more.  Protect your home with this basic package from anywhere.

    Package Features

    • Touch panel, motion detector and door/window sensor
    • Mobile interactive control, two-way voice feature, wireless installation and Wi-Fi and/or Cellular communication
    • Rapid response monitoring, email and text notifications and remote web and mobile access
  • Silver Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    The mid-range Silver Package includes every device in the Basic Package, plus smart home devices including a Smart Garage controller and Smart Thermostat. This package will not only allow you to protect your home and belongings, it also enables better access control and energy savings.

    Package Features

    • All devices in Basic Package plus Smart Garage and Smart Thermostat
    • Mobile access and temperature control
    • Mobile programming of thermostat schedule
  • Platinum Package

    Starting at

    Our Take

    Northstar Security’s most robust package includes all devices in the Basic and Silver Packages plus access control, energy and video devices. This package is a great option if you’re interested in live video recording and capture.  Keep track of everything happening inside and outside of your home.

    Package Features

    • All devices included in Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold Packages plus Z-Wave Door lock and Smart Garage
    • Smart Thermostat, Mobile access and temperature control and mobile programming of thermostat schedule
    • Static IP Camera, remote view of live video, image and video recording available online and via mobile, and video and image capture

Northstar Security Equipment and Features

  • The Lyric Touch Panel

    The Lyric Touch Panel serves as the central hub for your home security system and smart home devices. This control panel responds to simple voice commands, allowing for hands-free control over your security system.

  • Door/Window Sensor

    The door/window sensor is Northstar Security’s most popular device used to detect the opening and closing of your doors and windows. Whenever there is activity with one of your doors or windows, an alert will be sent to your control panel.

  • Lyric Motion Detector

    Motion detectors are an essential part of any home security system. The Lyric Wireless Motion Detector has built-in pet immunity to prevent false alarms inside your home. This will detect any movement inside and outside your home to track suspicious activity.

  • Pan/Tilt Camera

    The Honeywell Pan/Tilt Camera allows you to move and zoom in for a better view around your home. This camera can be connected to Wi-Fi to allow you to view footage in real-time from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Compare Northstar Security Packages

Basic Package

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Silver Package

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Platinum Package

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24/7 Professional monitoring
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Motion detection
Video surveillance
Smart home devices

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