Wyze’s Super Affordable Security Cameras Will Soon Have A Sensor System To Match

Emily Ferron
Updated Apr 7, 2021
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If Wyze holds its promising course, its ultra-affordable trajectory could bring a major disruption to the home security industry.

In 2017, startup company Wyze Labs made waves when it launched an indoor security camera, the Wyze Cam, selling for the daringly low price of $20. Now, it’s launching companion technology in an attempt to turn that camera into a smarter security system. The Wyze Sense Kit﹘also only $20﹘includes a motion sensor, two contact sensors for doors or windows and a connecting bridge system that communicates with the Wyze Cam.

The Wyze Cam & Wyze Cam Pan

The Wyze Cam is the company’s flagship camera, which first hit the market in October 2017. It brags features that normally demand a much higher price tag: Amazon Alexa integration, night vision, two-way audio, smart motion detection and sound recognition, and 1080p high definition video live streaming direct to your smartphone via its companion app.

In May 2018, Wyze launched the Wyze Cam Pan, which adds the ability to pan, tilt and zoom, allowing you even greater ability to monitor the live stream remotely. It also retails at an incredibly competitive price point ($30 at the time of this writing).

The Wyze Sense Kit

The Wyze Sense Kit, which was announced yesterday, is expected to hit the market in May 2019. It will allow Wyze camera owners greater ability to monitor their homes from afar. The starter kit will ship with the following:

  • A bridge device, which plugs directly into the back of the camera
  • Two contact sensors that can be placed on doors, windows, “anything that can open and close,” according to its launch video
  • A PIR motion sensor, for areas that you’d like to monitor but aren’t appropriate for camera surveillance, such as bathrooms or bedrooms

Are Wyze home security products too good to be true?

According to an open letter from the company’s CEO, Wyze sold over 1.4 million cameras in 2018. Reviews across the internet are promising, citing the cameras’ robust features, attractive builds and competitive features. Snafus have mostly been surrounding usability issues like minor difficulties during setup, though users have also reported some security concerns regarding data stored in the cloud (Wyze stores up to 14 days of recorded data in the cloud, so that users may review footage).

Time will tell whether or not other issues emerge. However, if Wyze holds its promising course, its ultra-affordable trajectory could bring about a major disruption to the home security industry.

Source: Wyze

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