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Updated Jan 28, 2021
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When it comes to safety, the United States is a varied place. Some cities experience many crimes such as burglaries and car thefts every year, while others remain quiet. Overall, violent crime rates have dropped in the U.S. over the past 20 years, as have property crimes, but some cities remain safer than others. We ranked cities in the United States not only on crime data from the 2018 FBI Crime Report but also on their relative financial stability. To gauge financial safety, we used data from the U.S. Census. Here we list the 25 safest cities in the nation according to our analysis, summarizing how each city earned its rank.


The Safest Cities in America


1. Bel Aire, Kansas

Known for sunny weather, mild winters and warm summers

Bel Aire tops the list of America’s safest cities because of a combination of low crime and great financial stability. Unemployment is only 0.8% in Bel Aire, the median household income is over $95,000, poverty is rare, and violent and property crimes are nearly nonexistent.


2. Larchmont Village, New York

Known for historic architecture, great schools and seaside beauty

Among America’s top 25 safest cities, Larchmont Village enjoys the highest median household income at over $210,000, as well as a number of other strong financial markers, such as high access to the internet. In addition, crime in Larchmont is rare, with rates of violent crime and theft barely registering.


3. Upper Arlington, Ohio

Known for good schools, plenty of bars and restaurants and the Labor Day Arts Festival

Upper Arlington owes its high ranking to high financial security — including a high median income to average rent ratio, high access to the internet and low poverty rates — and to low crime rates across the board. Violent crimes, property crimes, officer-involved incidents and hate crimes are all insignificant in Upper Arlington.


4. Johnston, Rhode Island

Known for age diversity, cloudy skies and the Clemence-Irons House

Johnston ranks fourth overall and third when it comes to financial stability, which is a large reason Johnston comes in near the top. With high household incomes, decent average rent and almost no one without health insurance, Johnston’s relative financial security is matched only by its low crime rate.


5. Newton, Massachusetts

Known for proximity to Boston, good schools and beautiful open spaces

Rounding out the top five safest cities in America is Newton, Massachusetts. Crime rates in Newton are low for all types of crimes including larceny-theft, robbery, aggravated assault and other types of violent and property crime. Not only that, household incomes are high — well over $130,000 — and access to the internet is over 90%.


6. Huntington Woods, Michigan

Known for being mostly residential, home to a large Jewish community and many private schools

Huntington Woods is another community with a high level of financial stability. Household incomes are over $130,000, yet annual rents are less than other cities with similar income levels. Access to the internet is the highest of any city on our list and poverty is low. Crime in general is negligible, but Huntington Woods does have a slightly higher rate of hate crime than many of its peers.


7. Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Known for cold winters, proximity to the Twin Cities and a suburban feel

Mendota Heights enjoys nominal crime rates across the board, with almost no officer-involved incidents or violent crimes reported each year. Household incomes are near $120,000, and the ratio of income to annual rent is high. There is one blip in the Mendota Heights financial picture: the number of uninsured in the city is much higher than other cities in the top 10.


8. Independence, Kentucky

Known for young families, warm weather and the Kenton County Fair

Like all of our top 10 safest cities, Independence has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, for all types of crime. Financially, Independence is also strong, with the second-lowest poverty rate on our list (only edged out by the No.1 city, Bel Aire, Kansas) and a strong cost-of-living ratio.


9. Solon, Ohio

Known for being a Google City award winner, great schools and diversity

Crime is low in all categories in Solon, and reports of violent crime, hate crime and officer incidents are negligible. Meanwhile, Solon has a strong economy, with high household incomes and strong measures of educational access such as internet availability. Poverty is slightly higher in Solon than in many other top 10 cities, but overall, the city is quite stable financially.


1.0 Hastings-on-Hudson Village, New York

Known for its rich history, proximity to New York City and a long-running arts tradition

Hastings-on-Hudson Village is another small New York town with solid financial stability. Household incomes approach $140,000, poverty is low and access to the internet is high. Only two blemishes mark Hasting-on-Hudson Village’s data: Uninsured numbers are high among the unemployed, and its per-capita hate crime rate is more than double that of the next highest city.


11. Prior Lake, Minnesota

Known for winter sports, water sports and lakeside beauty

Prior Lake is a midsize town with very few reported violent crimes, property crimes or hate crimes. When it comes to financial safety, household incomes top $100,000 and the average annual rent is reasonable. Poverty is the third highest on our top 25, but it’s still low at 4.1%.


12. Princeton, New Jersey

Known for Princeton University, proximity to Philadelphia and New York City and a college atmosphere

Best known as being the home of Princeton University, Princeton has solid safety numbers across the board. From a personal safety perspective, crime rates are undetectable in most categories, and from a financial stability standpoint, Princeton is strong. Household incomes are almost $140,000, poverty is low, access to the internet is high, and most people are insured.


13. Anchorage, Alaska

Known for trails, wildlife, glaciers, cold winters and natural beauty

The most populous city on our list, Anchorage has low per-capita incidents of violent crime, property crime and officer-involved incidents, with only a few of the latter per year. Financially, Anchorage enjoys one of the highest income-to-rent ratios in our top 25, with household incomes topping $180,000 and annual rents under $14,000 on average. Anchorage also enjoys the third-highest access to internet percentage on the list.


14. New Albany, Ohio

Known for recreational trails, healthy lifestyles and good schools

New Albany has a strong economy, with very few people going uninsured, low poverty rates and widespread access to the internet. In addition, household incomes in New Albany average more than $200,000 (second highest on our list) and crime rates are almost imperceptible. The only thing that prevents New Albany from ranking higher is that annual rents are higher than other similar cities.


15. Keller, Texas

Known for big-city access, small-town values and award-winning city facilities

Keller is strong when it comes to personal safety. Violent crime reports are low, property crimes are rare, and officer incidents are almost non-existent. The city is strong financially as well, with a good income-to-rent ratio, strong access to the internet and low levels of poverty. More people are uninsured in Keller than in many other top cities, but other than that, Keller’s numbers are excellent.


16. Sammamish, Washington

Known for natural beauty, rich history and kots of golf courses

Given its presence on this list, it goes without saying that Sammamish enjoys low incidents of crimes of all types. Hate crime is the third lowest on our list, and other crimes are rare. Sammamish is also strong financially, with the second-best access to internet rate (97.3%) and the fewest overall rates of uninsured residents. Sammamish’s only sticking point is its cost of living —although household incomes are high, so are average annual rents.


17. Medina, Ohio

Known for Victorian architecture, small-town charm and family-friendliness

Only the cost of living prevents Medina from ranking much higher on our list. Although household incomes are over $190,000 in Medina, the ratio of income to average annual rent is high, with annual rents averaging $33,000 — over $5,000 more than the next highest on the list. Otherwise, Medina is strong economically, with low uninsured rates and low poverty, and nearly impeccable when it comes to crime.


18. Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

Known for Civil War history and the world’s only ventriloquist museum, Vent Haven Museum

Fort Mitchell enjoys low crime rates and a decent financial base. Although annual household incomes in Fort Mitchell aren’t as high as most cities in the top 25, the cost of living is low enough to match, and the unemployment rate is the best on the list by far. Poverty, however, is the highest of any of our top 25 cities.


19. St. Mary’s, Kansas

Known for St. Mary’s Academy and College and a small-town community feel

When it comes to crime, incidents are rare in St. Mary’s. Notable is a higher-than-average rate of hate crime per capita, but it should be noted that St. Mary’s small size (only 2,600) is partly to blame for that number. Its poverty rate ranks second highest on our list, and access to the internet is only decent. Meanwhile, average household income is the lowest on our list at just over $50,000.


20. West Bountiful, Utah

Known for great gardening, nature recreation and proximity to Salt Lake City

The second-smallest town in our top 25, West Bountiful has quite low crime rates other than a blip when it comes to hate crime, which is partly attributable to its small population. Household incomes in West Bountiful are high at almost $100,000. West Bountiful’s biggest shortcoming is the percentage of uninsured people — more than 70% of unemployed people in West Bountiful are also uninsured.


21. Cedar Park, Texas

Known for excellent schools, a pro-business environment and two minor league sports teams

Cedar Park is another community with strong financial stability and almost no crime to speak of. This Austin suburb has high household incomes, a low poverty rate and high levels of internet access.


22. Brentwood, California

Known for farming, orchards and wineries

With low-to-nonexistent incidents of various crimes and solid financial indicators, it’s no surprise that Brentwood makes our top 25. Stats such as 1.6% unemployment, 93% internet access and almost no one uninsured, the only thing that keeps Brentwood from rocketing to the top five safest cities is a high rent-to-income ratio.


23. Frisco, Texas

Known for fast growth, a young workforce and the Dallas Cowboys

Home to the Dallas Cowboys’ headquarters, Frisco was dubbed the fastest-growing community in America. Most financial metrics such as internet access, poverty and household incomes are strong, but two obvious blemishes for Frisco are the number of uninsured people among the unemployed, and crime. Although crime isn’t high compared to national standards, Frisco is the only city on our list with mentionable rates of violent and property crime.


24. Tipp, Ohio

Known for charming historical homes, an outstanding school system and family-friendly atmosphere

Tipp makes the top 25 for being a small town with a very low crime rate. On a financial level, Tipp is strong, even if the city doesn’t quite compete with cities at the top of our list. With a decent household income level and good income-to-rent ratios, Tipp also enjoys a low unemployment rate and has decent levels of access to the internet.


25. Le Mars, Iowa

Known for its British heritage and being the “ice cream capital of the world

Le Mars enjoys a crime rate as low as any of the top 25 safest cities in America. Personal safety aside, financial security is decent in Le Mars, with a good income-to-rent ratio and a low unemployment rate. However, poverty is a little higher in Le Mars than other cities on our list, and the uninsured population is a little high — 11% of unemployed people have no insurance.



In order to rank the safest cities in America, we gathered data from two main sources. For crime information such as violent crime totals, aggravated assault, property crimes and officer-involved incidents, we looked to the 2018 FBI Crime Report. For financial data such as median household income, annual rent, unemployment and access to the internet, we used data from the 2018 Census Report.


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