New Vivint Outdoor Camera Patrols Perimeters with AI

Emily Ferron
Updated Jan 28, 2021
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Vivint, a leader in smart home security, just launched its latest product: the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, which has some artificially intelligent features to help detect "lurkers" on your property.

Vivint, a leader in smart home security, just launched its latest product: the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, a surveillance camera that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate between harmless passers-by and people who are lingering around your home. The Outdoor Pro is intended to not only record potential crime, but to proactively prevent it.

Here’s how: the camera’s new “Smart Sentry” feature allows homeowners to specify a specific area of the property as a surveillance zone. The camera’s integrated AI sweeps the surveillance zone to differentiate people from pets, cars and other objects and times how long they remain on your property. Once an individual lingers for an extended period (a setting that’s customizable by the user up to 90 seconds) the camera will react with a red LED light and warning tone to deter the suspected lurker.


The Smart Sentry also sends customizable notifications to your smartphone. You can choose to be notified when anyone enters your surveillance zone, or only when someone activates the alarm. If someone activates the alarm, you can view a thumbnail image of the person on your phone, and if desired, engage in a two-way conversation with them. You can also completely shut off the Smart Sentry feature or turn off notifications at specific times.

In addition to the Smart Sentry feature, the Outdoor Camera Pro has a 140-degree view, night vision and a 4K HDR sensor that delivers up to 1080p live streaming and recording via the Vivint Smart Home app. You can also get on-demand access to recorded video clips using your mobile device, which can be shared with neighbors or law enforcement as needed.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is available as part of an integrated Vivint smart home system. (Price quotes are available directly through Vivint.) The Vivint suite of home automation includes smart lighting, video doorbells, thermostats and security cameras. Interested in learning more about Vivint and other top home security companies?


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