Google Partners With ADT for Smart Security Solutions

Jalesa Campbell
Updated Apr 12, 2021
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Google has announced its partnership with ADT in providing smart home security solutions. Learn more about how these industry giants are planning to work together.

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It’s official: Google and ADT are partnering to enhance smart home security solutions. In a nutshell, Google will be able to capitalize on ADT’s trusted home security services, while ADT will be able to capitalize on Google’s technological insights.

Google reports, “Over time, Nest’s devices, powered by Google’s machine learning capabilities, will enhance ADT’s security monitoring…the goal is to give customers fewer false alarms, more ways to receive alarm events and better detection of potential incidents inside and around the home.”

These are definitely big wins for home security system owners. Fewer false alarms can prevent fines, and optimized alerts can help them get critical information in the ways that work best for them.

ADT technicians will be able to start selling and installing Nest devices, and they’ll have access to “Google’s product lineup and deep learning expertise,” which is a long-term benefit for ADT (Engadget). In addition to the Nest Secure System, you can also purchase Nest cameras, smart hubs and other devices that can be used in addition to the home security system. ADT customers are also expected to have access to Nest Aware plans.

Google will be able to access ADT’s “professional sales and installation network” (Engadget) taking their visibility further by potentially reaching customers who aren’t aware of Google’s branch into smart home security.

While this announcement is certainly big news, there’s bound to be more to follow. As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest developments and what they mean for you.


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